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floor(3), floorf(3), floorl(3)
largest integral value less than or equal to x
Beep(3), Beep CDKallocStrings CDKcountStrings CDKfreeChtypes CDKfreeStrings CDKsplitString baseName ceilCDK chlen chstrncpy chtype2Char cleanChar cleanChtype cmpStrChstr copyChar copyCharList copyChtype copyChtypeList dirName floorCDK freeChar freeCharList freeChtype freeChtypeList intlen lenCharList lenChtypeList mode2Char searchList sortList cdk_misc(3)
Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines
Allegro 5 API
Returns the greatest integer not greater than x. Allegro game programming library
3D floor-tilting game
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