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create a ptype and add it to a ptype_list man1/alc_origin.1
copies data between files and storage devices. Support for devices that understand the SCSI command set
helper/auxiliary utility for ddpt
test cases for QDBM Depot
mutual converter between TSV and QDBM Depot database
geoLn(3), GeoLn(3), GeoLnCreate(3), GeoLnClear(3), GeoLnSetAlloc(3), GeoLnAddPt(3), GeoLnInfo(3), GeoLnGetPt(3), GeoLnDestroy(3), GeoLnCtr(3), GeoLnContainGeoPt(3)
container for geographic points
mapLn(3), MapLn(3), MapLnCreate(3), MapLnClear(3), MapLnSetAlloc(3), MapLnAddPt(3), MapLnGetPt(3), MapLnDestroy(3)
container for map points
addpt(3), subpt(3), mulpt(3), divpt(3), rectaddpt(3), rectsubpt(3), insetrect(3), canonrect(3), eqpt(3), eqrect(3), ptinrect(3), rectinrect(3), rectXrect(3), rectclip(3), combinerect(3), Dx(3), Dy(3), Pt(3), Rect(3), Rpt(3)
arithmetic on points and rectangles
arith3(3), add3(3), sub3(3), neg3(3), div3(3), mul3(3), eqpt3(3), closept3(3), dot3(3), cross3(3), len3(3), dist3(3), unit3(3), midpt3(3), lerp3(3), reflect3(3), nearseg3(3), pldist3(3), vdiv3(3), vrem3(3), pn2f3(3), ppp2f3(3), fff2p3(3), pdiv4(3), add4(3), sub4(3)
operations on 3-d points and planes
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