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Creative SoundBlaster Live! and Audigy sound cards device driver
USB support for 3G datacards
POSIX sh script designed to turn wireless cards into monitor mode
reformat input as punch cards
A gui tool to explore the contents of ISO 7816 smart cards
CD/DVD labels, jewel case inserts, and envelopes creator. Generates frontcards and traycards for CD cases, single-cd envelopes, DVD case inserts, as well as output suitable for direct printing on CD/DVD
utility for accessing visible data from electronic identity cards
smart card utility for GIDS cards
Administrate Smart Cards
erase memory cards '" t TQ \$1 . (is' (if` (pd"
administrative utility for Netkey E4 cards
Merge a WCS solution with existing FITS header cards
utility for accessing visible data OpenPGP smart cards and compatible tokens
smart card utility for HSPD-12 PIV cards
perform crypto operations using PKCS#15 smart cards
utility for manipulating PKCS #15 data structures on smart cards and similar security tokens
a package deinstaller with wildcards and dependency recursion support
a package glob expander with wildcards and dependency recursion support
Downloads, renames and backs up photos and videos from cameras, phones, memory cards and other devices
SANE backend for Corex CardScan usb scanners
communicate with smartcards using iso7816
library for communicating with ISO 7816 smartcards
adjust the memory timing of certain Cirrus cards
vc(3), vc_new(3), vc_delete vc_set_group(3), vc_set_name(3), vc_set_param(3), vc_set_value(3), vc_link(3), vc_append_with_name(3), vc_is_preferred(3), vc_get_preferred_tel(3), vc_get_preferred_email(3), vc_get_group(3), vc_get_name(3), vc_get_param(3), vc_get_value(3), vc_param_new(3), vc_param_set_name(3), vc_param_set_value(3), vc_param_set_str(3), vc_param_link(3), vc_param_get_name(3), vc_param_get_value(3), vc_get_next(3), vc_get_next_by_name(3), vc_param_get_next(3), vc_param_get_by_name(3), vc_param_get_next_by_name(3), vc_delete(3), vc_delete_deep(3), vc_param_delete(3), vc_param_delete_deep(3), fprintf_vc_component_param(3), fprintf_vc_component(3), fprintf_vcard(3), parse_vcard_file(3), count_vcards(3), get_val_struct_part(3)
vCard library
utility for manipulating data structures on westcos smart cards
X Certificate and key management A GUI for handling X509 certificates, RSA/DSA/EC keys, PKCS#10 Requests and CRLs in Software and on Smartcards
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_001(3), CheckDigits::M10_001(3)
compute check digits for Bahncard (DE), IMEI, IMEISV, ISIN, Miles&More, Payback (DE), Personnummer (SE), Passport (BR), Credit Cards, SSN (US), Samordningsnummer (SE), VAT RN (ES), VAT RN (IT), VAT RN (SE), International Securities Identifikation Number (ISIN), CUSIP
VCards (XEP-0054 & XEP-0084)
Cardstream Plugin for Business::OnlinePayment
LinkPoint (Cardservice) backend for Business::OnlinePayment
Criteria for SQL92 Like Wildcards
a column class used for generating bingo cards
Discards all log messages
VCards (XEP-0054 & XEP-0084)
Edit and create vCards (RFC 2426),
simple script to generate PDFs containing bingo cards
Logs real-time accounting daemon SYNOPSIS tstatd [ options ] plugin [zone1:]wildcard1 .. [zoneN:]wildcardN OPTIONS "-a zone, --agregate-zone=zone" 4 Item "-a zone, --agregate-zone=zone" Agregate data from all anonymous logs (wildcards without explicit zone specified) into zone. Default behavior is to create new zone for each anonymous log from its file name. "-b file, --database-file=file" 4 Item "-b file, --database-file=file" Use file as persistent storage to keep accumulated data across daemon restarts. Default is auto generated from daemon name, specified identity and '.db' suffix. "--basename" 4 Item "--basename" Use only base name (excluding directories and suffix) of anonymous log file for auto-created zones. "-c dir, --change-dir=dir" 4 Item "-c dir, --change-dir=dir" Change current directory to dir before wildcards expanding. "-d, --debug" 4 Item "-d, --debug" Composition of options: --foreground and --log-level=debug. "-f, --foreground" 4 Item "-f, --foreground" Don't detach daemon from control terminal, logging to stderr instead log file or syslog. "--log-facility=name" 4 Item "--log-facility=name" Use name as facility for syslog logging (see syslog (3) for list of available values). Default is 'daemon'. "--log-level=level" 4 Item "--log-level=level" Set minimal logging level to level (see syslog (3) for list of available values). Default is 'notice'. "--log-file=file" 4 Item "--log-file=file" Use logging to file instead of syslog logging (which is default). "-e num, --expand-period=num" 4 Item "-e num, --expand-period=num" Do wildcards re-expanding and checking for new and missed logs every num seconds. Default is '60'. "-h, --help" 4 Item "-h, --help" Print brief help message about available options. "-i string, --identity=string" 4 Item "-i string, --identity=string" Just a string used in title of daemon process, syslog ident (see syslog|(3)), --database-file and --pid-file. Idea behind this options - multiple tstatd instances running simultaneosly. "-l [address:]port, --listen=[address:]port" 4 Item "-l [address:]port, --listen=[address:]port" Specify address and port for TCP listen socket binding. Default is ''. "--multiple" 4 Item "--multiple" With this option specified same log file could be included into several zones (if log name satisifies several wildcards). Default behavior is to include log file only in first satisified zone. "-n num, --windows-num=num" 4 Item "-n num, --windows-num=num" Set number of sliding-windows to num. Default is '60'. "-o string, --options=string" 4 Item "-o string, --options=string" Comma-separated plugin supported options (like a mount (8) options). "--override-from=file" 4 Item "--override-from=file" Load content of file into plugin package namespace. This is way to easy customize plugin behavior without creating another plugin. "-p file, --pid-file=file" 4 Item "-p file, --pid-file=file" Use file to keep daemon process id. Default is auto generated from daemon name, specified identity and '.pid' suffix. "--parse-error=level" 4 Item "--parse-error=level" Do logging with level (see syslog (3) for available values) about all unparsed log lines. Hint: use 'none' for ignoring such lines. Default is defining by plugin and usually is 'debug'. "-r pattern, --regex=pattern" 4 Item "-r pattern, --regex=pattern" Use pattern instead of plugin default regular expression for matching log lines. "--regex-from=file" 4 Item "--regex-from=file" Load regular expression from file and use instead of plugin default regular expression for matching log lines. "-s num, --store-period=num" 4 Item "-s num, --store-period=num" Store accumulated data in a persistent storage every num seconds. Default is '60'. "--timer=zone:timer:num" 4 Item "--timer=zone:timer:num" Create named timer firing every num seconds for zone. "-u <user>, --user=user" 4 Item "-u <user>, --user=user" Change effective privileges of daemon process to user. "-v, --version" 4 Item "-v, --version" Print version information of tstatd and exit. "-w num, --window-size=<num>" 4 Item "-w num, --window-size=<num>" Set size (duration) of sliding window to num seconds. Default is '10'
Read, write, and edit vCards
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