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Dumps the contents of a named UIL symbol table to standard output "UilDumpSymbolTable" "uil functions" "UilDumpSymbolTable"
kdrill(1), kdrill v6.2(1)
drill program for kanji chars under Xwindows (X11R5 or better is required to run) kdrill also does dictionary lookup Yikes.. this man-page is getting huge. But I am a great believer in having proper documentation. Hopefully, this new format will help instead of hinder. At some future point in time, I shall convert this huge beast to HTML. But that point is not now. [Although actually, you CAN go to for some help ] TIP: "/WORD" usually takes you to the next occurrence of "WORD", if you are viewing this using a "man"-like program
The "two bolts" glyph
Creates a BRL-CAD .g file containing bolts
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