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coap_block(3), coap_context_set_block_mode(3), coap_add_data_large_request(3), coap_add_data_large_response(3), coap_get_data_large(3), coap_block_build_body(3)
Work with CoAP Blocks
Install a file descriptor for communication
Imager::Graph::Horizontal(3), Imager::Graph::Horizontal(3)
A super class for line/bar charts n .IP "add_data_series(e@data, $series_name)" 4 .IP "add_data_series(e@data, $series_name)" 4 Item "add_data_series(@data, $series_name)" Add a data series to the graph, of the default type. n .IP "add_bar_data_series(e@data, $series_name)" 4 .IP "add_bar_data_series(e@data, $series_name)" 4 Item "add_bar_data_series(@data, $series_name)" Add a bar data series to the graph. n .IP "add_line_data_series(e@data, $series_name)" 4 .IP "add_line_data_series(e@data, $series_name)" 4 Item "add_line_data_series(@data, $series_name)" Add a line data series to the graph. "set_column_padding($int)" 4 Item "set_column_padding($int)" Sets the number of pixels that should go between columns of data. "set_negative_background($color)" 4 Item "set_negative_background($color)" Sets the background color or fill used below the y axis. "draw()" 4 Item "draw()" Draw the graph "show_vertical_gridlines()" 4 Item "show_vertical_gridlines()" Shows vertical gridlines at the y-tics. Feature: vertical_gridlines "set_vertical_gridline_style(color => ..., style => ...)" 4 Item "set_vertical_gridline_style(color => ..., style => ...)" Set the color and style of the lines drawn for gridlines. Style equivalent: vgrid "show_line_markers()" 4 Item "show_line_markers()" "show_line_markers($value)" 4 Item "show_line_markers($value)" Feature: linemarkers. If $value is missing or true, draw markers on a line data series. Note: line markers are drawn by default. "use_automatic_axis()" 4 Item "use_automatic_axis()" Automatically scale the Y axis, based on Chart::Math::Axis. If Chart::Math::Axis isn't installed, this sets an error and returns undef. Returns 1 if it is installed. "set_x_tics($count)" 4 Item "set_x_tics($count)" Set the number of X tics to use. Their value and position will be determined by the data range
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