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tcp wrapper oracle
Database driver for Oracle Database
Correcting behavior of DBD::Oracle
Oracle ASM resource agent
Manages an Oracle Database instance
Manages an Oracle TNS listener
An implementation of Apache::Session
Store persistent data in a Oracle database
App::Sqitch::Engine::oracle(3), Header "Name" App::Sqitch::Engine::oracle(3)
Sqitch Oracle Engine
Extensions to Class::DBI for Oracle
Convert Oracle NLS_DATE_FORMAT <-> strftime Format Strings
(DEPRECATED) Automatic primary key class for Oracle
Pre-ANSI Joins-via-Where-Clause Syntax
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI Oracle Implementation
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Optional::Dependencies(3), $class(3)
Optional module dependency specifications (for module authors) EOC #@@ #@@ SYNOPSIS HEADING #@@ push @chunks, <<"EOC"; =head1 SYNOPSIS Somewhere in your build-file (e.g. ExtUtils::MakeMaker's Makefile.PL): ... e$EUMM_ARGS{CONFIGURE_REQUIRES} = { e%{ e$EUMM_ARGS{CONFIGURE_REQUIRES} || {} }, DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader => $distver, }; ... my %DBIC_CONFIG_AND_ORACLE_DEPS = %{ eval { require $class; $class->req_list_for([qw( dbicdump_config rdbms_oracle )]); } || {} }; e$EUMM_ARGS{PREREQ_PM} = { e%DBIC_CONFIG_AND_ORACLE_DEPS, e%{ e$EUMM_ARGS{PREREQ_PM} || {} }, }; ... ExtUtils::MakeMaker::WriteMakefile(e%EUMM_ARGS); Note: The eval protection within the example is due to support for requirements during the configure build phase not being available on a sufficient portion of production installations of Perl. Robust support for such dependency requirements is available in the CPAN installer only since version 1.94_56 first made available for production with perl version 5.12. It is the belief of the current maintainer that support for requirements during the configure build phase will not be sufficiently ubiquitous until the year 2020 at the earliest, hence the extra care demonstrated above. It should also be noted that some 3rd party installers (e.g. cpanminus) do the right thing with configure requirements independent from the versions of perl and CPAN available. EOC #@@ #@@ DESCRIPTION HEADING #@@ push @chunks, <<'EOC'; =head1 DESCRIPTION Some of the less-frequently used features of DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader have external module dependencies on their own. In order not to burden the average user with modules they will never use, these optional dependencies are not included in the base Makefile.PL. Instead an exception with a descriptive message is thrown when a specific feature can't find one or several modules required for its operation. This module is the central holding place for the current list of such dependencies, for DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader core authors, and DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader extension authors alike. Dependencies are organized in groups where each group can list one or more required modules, with an optional minimum version (or 0 for any version). In addition groups prefixed with test_ can specify a set of environment variables, some (or all) of which are marked as required for the group to be considered by req_list_for Each group name (or a combination thereof) can be used in the public methods as described below. EOC #@@ #@@ REQUIREMENT GROUPLIST HEADING #@@ push @chunks, '=head1 CURRENT REQUIREMENT GROUPS'; my $standalone_info; for my $group (sort keys %$dbic_reqs) { my $info = $standalone_info->{$group} ||= $class->_groups_to_reqs($group); next unless ( $info->{modreqs_fully_documented} and ( $info->{augments} or $info->{modreqs} ) ); my $p = $dbic_reqs->{$group}{pod}; push @chunks, ( "=head2 $p->{title}", "=head3 $group", $p->{desc}, =over, ); if ( keys %{ $info->{modreqs}||{} } ) { push @chunks, map { "=item * $_" . ($info->{modreqs}{$_} ? " >= $info->{modreqs}{$_}" : ) } ( sort keys %{ $info->{modreqs} } ) ; } else { push @chunks, =item * No standalone requirements, } push @chunks, =back; for my $ag ( sort keys %{ $info->{augments} || {} } ) { my $ag_info = $standalone_info->{$ag} ||= $class->_groups_to_reqs($ag); my $newreqs = $class->modreq_list_for([ $group, $ag ]); for (keys %$newreqs) { delete $newreqs->{$_} if ( ( defined $info->{modreqs}{$_} and $info->{modreqs}{$_} == $newreqs->{$_} ) or ( defined $ag_info->{modreqs}{$_} and $ag_info->{modreqs}{$_} == $newreqs->{$_} ) ); } if (keys %$newreqs) { push @chunks, ( "Combined with L</$ag> additionally requires:", =over, ( map { "=item * $_" . ($newreqs->{$_} ? " >= $newreqs->{$_}" : ) } ( sort keys %$newreqs ) ), =back, ); } } } #@@ #@@ API DOCUMENTATION HEADING #@@ push @chunks, <<'EOC';
Base class for Oracle driver
Oracle Support for DBIx::Class
Oracle joins in WHERE syntax support (instead of ANSI)
DBIx::Connector::Driver::Oracle(3), Header "Name" DBIx::Connector::Driver::Oracle(3)
Oracle-specific connection interface
Oracle native driver for DBIx::DBSchema
Support DBD::Oracle and DBD::ODBC/Oracle
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Oracle(3), DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Oracle(3)
An oracle specific Handle object
Oracle Driver for Data::ObjectDriver
Parse and format Oracle dates and timestamps
Handler for Oracle WebLogic
Jifty::DBI::Handle::Oracle(3), Jifty::DBI::Handle::Oracle(3)
An oracle specific Handle object
Ocsinventory::Agent::Modules::Databases::Oracle::Instances(3), Oracle::Instances(3)
Lib for Oracle instances and versions retrieval
OpenXPKI::Server::Database::Driver::Oracle(3), Header "Name" OpenXPKI::Server::Database::Driver::Oracle(3)
Driver for Oracle databases
Oracle driver class for Rose::DB
-- Oracle-specific routines for the SPOPS::DBI
Table transformations for Oracle
Reserved SQL words by Oracle
parser for DBD::Oracle
parser for Oracle
Oracle SQL producer
bounce mail parser class for "Sun Java System Messaging Server" and "Oracle Communications Messaging Server"
Orthogonal Object Persistence in Oracle databases
ora2pg(3), Ora2Pg(3)
Oracle to PostgreSQL database schema converter
sqitchtutorial-oracle(3), Header "Name" sqitchtutorial-oracle(3)
A tutorial introduction to Sqitch change management on Oracle
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