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Barrier operation
synchronize or recalibrate all MPI clocks to minimize the effect of time drift. It is like a longer version of MPI_Comm_barrier( MPI_COMM_WORLD );
XXX description here
Blocks until all processes in the communicator have reached this routine
Notifies the process that it has reached the barrier and returns immediately
XIBarrierReleasePointer(3), XIBarrierReleasePointers(3)
allow pointer movement across a pointer barrier
syncronize a process on a number of machines
syncronize a process on a number of machines
block until a grace period and all callbacks have been dispatched
compiler optimization barrier
data dependency barrier
Operation where a subset of peers join a new collective group. fi_barrier Collective operation that does not complete until all peers have entered the barrier call. fi_broadcast A single sender transmits data to all peers, including itself. fi_alltoall Each peer distributes a slice of its local data to all peers. fi_allreduce Collective operation where all peers broadcast an atomic operation to all other peers. fi_allgather Each peer sends a complete copy of its local data to all peers. fi_reduce_scatter Collective call where data is collected from all peers and merged (reduced). The results of the reduction is distributed back to the peers, with each peer receiving a slice of the results. fi_reduce Collective call where data is collected from all peers to a root peer and merged (reduced). fi_scatter A single sender distributes (scatters) a slice of its local data to all peers. fi_gather All peers send their data to a root peer. fi_query_collective Returns information about which collective operations are supported by a provider, and limitations on the collective
puzzle_set(3), puzzle_set_max_width(3), puzzle_set_max_height(3), puzzle_set_lambdas(3), puzzle_set_p_ratio(3), puzzle_set_noise_cutoff(3), puzzle_set_contrast_barrier_for_cropping(3), puzzle_set_max_cropping_ratio(3), puzzle_set_autocrop(3)
set tunables for libpuzzle functions
Blocks the calling process until all processes in a group have called it
MPIX_Allgather_init(3), MPIX_Allgatherv_init(3), MPIX_Allreduce_init(3), MPIX_Alltoall_init(3), MPIX_Alltoallv_init(3), MPIX_Alltoallw_init(3), MPIX_Barrier_init(3), MPIX_Bcast_init(3), MPIX_Exscan_init(3), MPIX_Gather_init(3), MPIX_Gatherv_init(3), MPIX_Reduce_init(3), MPIX_Reduce_scatter_init(3), MPIX_Reduce_scatter_block_init(3), MPIX_Scan_init(3), MPIX_Scatter_init(3), MPIX_Scatterv_init(3), MPIX_Neighbor_allgather_init(3), MPIX_Neighbor_allgatherv_init(3), MPIX_Neighbor_alltoall_init(3), MPIX_Neighbor_alltoallv_init(3), MPIX_Neighbor_alltoallw_init(3)
Builds a handle for a collective communication or neighborhood collective communication
MPI_Barrier(3), MPI_Ibarrier(3)
Synchronization between MPI processes in a group
Barrier Keyboard/Mouse Client
Barrier Keyboard/Mouse Server
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