6.15. Web Applications, Apache and PHP

6.15.1. Apache

Table 6.20. Variables for Ports That Use Apache
USE_APACHEThe port requires Apache. Possible values: yes (gets any version), 22, 24, 22-24, 22+, etc. The default APACHE version is 22. More details are available in ports/Mk/bsd.apache.mk and at wiki.freebsd.org/Apache/.
APXSFull path to the apxs binary. Can be overridden in the port.
HTTPDFull path to the httpd binary. Can be overridden in the port.
APACHE_VERSIONThe version of present Apache installation (read-only variable). This variable is only available after inclusion of bsd.port.pre.mk. Possible values: 22, 24.
APACHEMODDIRDirectory for Apache modules. This variable is automatically expanded in pkg-plist.
APACHEINCLUDEDIRDirectory for Apache headers. This variable is automatically expanded in pkg-plist.
APACHEETCDIRDirectory for Apache configuration files. This variable is automatically expanded in pkg-plist.

Table 6.21. Useful Variables for Porting Apache Modules
MODULENAMEName of the module. Default value is PORTNAME. Example: mod_hello
SHORTMODNAMEShort name of the module. Automatically derived from MODULENAME, but can be overridden. Example: hello
AP_FAST_BUILDUse apxs to compile and install the module.
AP_GENPLISTAlso automatically creates a pkg-plist.
AP_INCAdds a directory to a header search path during compilation.
AP_LIBAdds a directory to a library search path during compilation.
AP_EXTRASAdditional flags to pass to apxs.

6.15.2. Web Applications

Web applications must be installed into PREFIX/www/appname. This path is available both in Makefile and in pkg-plist as WWWDIR, and the path relative to PREFIX is available in Makefile as WWWDIR_REL.

The user and group of web server process are available as WWWOWN and WWWGRP, in case the ownership of some files needs to be changed. The default values of both are www. Use WWWOWN?= myuser and WWWGRP?= mygroup if the port needs different values. This allows the user to override them easily.


Use WWWOWN and WWWGRP sparingly. Remember that every file the web server can write to is a security risk waiting to happen.

Do not depend on Apache unless the web app explicitly needs Apache. Respect that users may wish to run a web application on a web server other than Apache.

6.15.3. PHP

PHP web applications declare their dependency on it with USES=php. Variables are used to specify which PHP modules are required.

Table 6.22. Variables for Ports That Use PHP
USE_PHPThe list of required PHP extensions. Example: pcre xml gettext
DEFAULT_PHP_VERSelects which major version of PHP will be installed as a dependency when no PHP is installed yet. Default is 5. Possible values: 4, 5
IGNORE_WITH_PHPThe port does not work with PHP of the given version. Possible values: 4, 5
USE_PHPIZEThe port will be built as a PHP extension.
USE_PHPEXTThe port will be treated as a PHP extension, including installation and registration in the extension registry.
USE_PHP_BUILDSet PHP as a build dependency.
WANT_PHP_CLIWant the CLI (command line) version of PHP.
WANT_PHP_CGIWant the CGI version of PHP.
WANT_PHP_MODWant the Apache module version of PHP.
WANT_PHP_SCRWant the CLI or the CGI version of PHP.
WANT_PHP_WEBWant the Apache module or the CGI version of PHP.

6.15.4. PEAR Modules

Porting PEAR modules is a very simple process.

Add USES=pear to the port's Makefile. The framework will install the relevant files in the right places and automatically generate the plist at install time.

Example 6.8. Example Makefile for PEAR Class
PORTNAME=       Date
CATEGORIES=	devel www pear

MAINTAINER=	example@domain.com
COMMENT=	PEAR Date and Time Zone Classes

USES=	pear

.include <bsd.port.mk> Horde Modules

In the same way, porting Horde modules is a simple process.

Add USES=horde to the port's Makefile. The framework will install the relevant files in the right places and automatically generate the plist at install time.

The USE_HORDE_BUILD and USE_HORDE_RUN variables can be used to add buildtime and runtime dependencies on other Horde modules. See Mk/Uses/horde.mk for a complete list of available modules.

Example 6.9. Example Makefile for Horde Module
PORTNAME=	Horde_Core
CATEGORIES=	devel www pear

MAINTAINER=	horde@FreeBSD.org
COMMENT=	Horde Core Framework libraries

KOLAB_DESC=	Enable Kolab server support
SOCKETS_DESC=	Depend on sockets PHP extension

USES=	horde
USE_PHP=	session

USE_HORDE_RUN=	Horde_Role Horde_History Horde_Pack \
		Horde_Text_Filter Horde_View

KOLAB_USE=	HORDE_RUN=Horde_Kolab_Server,Horde_Kolab_Session

.include <bsd.port.mk>

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