17. How to configure a new architecture

17.1. Steps necessary before qmanager is started


The next steps are most easily done as user portbuild.


The following assumes you have already run mkportbuild.

  • As the portbuild user, run

    % /a/portbuild/tools/addarch arch
  • For each branch that will be supported, do the following:

    • Kick-start the build for the branch with

      # build create arch branch
  • If you are going to store your historical buildlogs and errorlogs on your head node's hard drive, you may skip this step. Otherwise:

    Create an external directory and link to it:

    Example 9. Creating and linking an external archive directory
    # mkdir /dumpster/pointyhat/arch/archive
    # ln -s /dumpster/pointyhat/arch/archive archive


    (Historical note that only applied to the original pointyhat.FreeBSD.org installation)

    It is possible that /dumpster/pointyhat will not have enough space. In that case, create the archive directory as /dumpster/pointyhat/arch/archive and symlink to that.

  • Populate clients as usual.

  • Edit portbuild.conf from one of the ones for another architecture. addarch will have created a default one for you.

  • Create customized portbuild.machinename.conf files as appropriate.

  • If you need to create any tunnels:

    1. Make a private configuration directory:

      # mkdir /a/portbuild/conf/arch
    2. In that directory: create any dotunnel.* scripts needed.


As srcbuild:

  • Add arch to SUPPORTED_ARCHS in /a/portbuild/admin/conf/admin.conf.

  • Add the arch directory to /a/portbuild/admin/scripts/zbackup. (This is a hack and should go away.)

  • Enable the appropriate arch entry for /a/portbuild/scripts/dologs to the portbuild crontab. (This is a hack and should go away.)

17.2. Steps necessary after qmanager is started


Again as srcbuild:

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