21. Perks of the Job

Unfortunately, there are not many perks involved with being a committer. Recognition as a competent software engineer is probably the only thing that will be of benefit in the long run. However, there are at least some perks:

Free 4-CD and DVD Sets

FreeBSD committers can get a free 4-CD or DVD set at conferences from FreeBSD Mall, Inc.. The sets are no longer available as a subscription due to the high shipment costs to countries outside the USA.

Freenode IRC Cloaks

FreeBSD developers may request a cloaked hostmask for their account on the Freenode IRC network in the form of freebsd/developer/freefall name or freebsd/developer/NickServ name. To request a cloak, send an email to Eitan Adler with your requested hostmask and NickServ account name.

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