Chapter 16. __FreeBSD_version Values

Here is a convenient list of __FreeBSD_version values as defined in sys/param.h:

Table 16.1. __FreeBSD_version Values
119411 2.0-RELEASE
199501, 199503March 19, 19952.1-CURRENT
199504April 9, 19952.0.5-RELEASE
199508August 26, 19952.2-CURRENT before 2.1
199511November 10, 19952.1.0-RELEASE
199512November 10, 19952.2-CURRENT before 2.1.5
199607July 10, 19962.1.5-RELEASE
199608July 12, 19962.2-CURRENT before 2.1.6
199612November 15, 19962.1.6-RELEASE
199612 2.1.7-RELEASE
220000February 19, 19972.2-RELEASE
(not changed) 2.2.1-RELEASE
(not changed) 2.2-STABLE after 2.2.1-RELEASE
221001April 15, 19972.2-STABLE after texinfo-3.9
221002April 30, 19972.2-STABLE after top
222000May 16, 19972.2.2-RELEASE
222001May 19, 19972.2-STABLE after 2.2.2-RELEASE
225000October 2, 19972.2.5-RELEASE
225001November 20, 19972.2-STABLE after 2.2.5-RELEASE
225002December 27, 19972.2-STABLE after ldconfig -R merge
226000March 24, 19982.2.6-RELEASE
227000July 21, 19982.2.7-RELEASE
227001July 21, 19982.2-STABLE after 2.2.7-RELEASE
227002September 19, 19982.2-STABLE after semctl(2) change
228000November 29, 19982.2.8-RELEASE
228001November 29, 19982.2-STABLE after 2.2.8-RELEASE
300000February 19, 19963.0-CURRENT before mount(2) change
300001September 24, 19973.0-CURRENT after mount(2) change
300002June 2, 19983.0-CURRENT after semctl(2) change
300003June 7, 19983.0-CURRENT after ioctl arg changes
300004September 3, 19983.0-CURRENT after ELF conversion
300005October 16, 19983.0-RELEASE
300006October 16, 19983.0-CURRENT after 3.0-RELEASE
300007January 22, 19993.0-STABLE after 3/4 branch
310000February 9, 19993.1-RELEASE
310001March 27, 19993.1-STABLE after 3.1-RELEASE
310002April 14, 19993.1-STABLE after C++ constructor/destructor order change
320000 3.2-RELEASE
320001May 8, 19993.2-STABLE
320002August 29, 19993.2-STABLE after binary-incompatible IPFW and socket changes
330000September 2, 19993.3-RELEASE
330001September 16, 19993.3-STABLE
330002November 24, 19993.3-STABLE after adding mkstemp(3) to libc
340000December 5, 19993.4-RELEASE
340001December 17, 19993.4-STABLE
350000June 20, 20003.5-RELEASE
350001July 12, 20003.5-STABLE
400000January 22, 19994.0-CURRENT after 3.4 branch
400001February 20, 19994.0-CURRENT after change in dynamic linker handling
400002March 13, 19994.0-CURRENT after C++ constructor/destructor order change
400003March 27, 19994.0-CURRENT after functioning dladdr(3)
400004April 5, 19994.0-CURRENT after __deregister_frame_info dynamic linker bug fix (also 4.0-CURRENT after EGCS 1.1.2 integration)
400005April 27, 19994.0-CURRENT after suser(9) API change (also 4.0-CURRENT after newbus)
400006May 31, 19994.0-CURRENT after cdevsw registration change
400007June 17, 19994.0-CURRENT after the addition of so_cred for socket level credentials
400008June 20, 19994.0-CURRENT after the addition of a poll syscall wrapper to libc_r
400009July 20, 19994.0-CURRENT after the change of the kernel's dev_t type to struct specinfo pointer
400010September 25, 19994.0-CURRENT after fixing a hole in jail(2)
400011September 29, 19994.0-CURRENT after the sigset_t datatype change
400012November 15, 19994.0-CURRENT after the cutover to the GCC 2.95.2 compiler
400013December 4, 19994.0-CURRENT after adding pluggable linux-mode ioctl handlers
400014January 18, 20004.0-CURRENT after importing OpenSSL
400015January 27, 20004.0-CURRENT after the C++ ABI change in GCC 2.95.2 from -fvtable-thunks to -fno-vtable-thunks by default
400016February 27, 20004.0-CURRENT after importing OpenSSH
400017March 13, 20004.0-RELEASE
400018March 17, 20004.0-STABLE after 4.0-RELEASE
400019May 5, 20004.0-STABLE after the introduction of delayed checksums.
400020June 4, 20004.0-STABLE after merging libxpg4 code into libc.
400021July 8, 20004.0-STABLE after upgrading Binutils to 2.10.0, ELF branding changes, and tcsh in the base system.
410000July 14, 20004.1-RELEASE
410001July 29, 20004.1-STABLE after 4.1-RELEASE
410002September 16, 20004.1-STABLE after setproctitle(3) moved from libutil to libc.
411000September 25, 20004.1.1-RELEASE
411001 4.1.1-STABLE after 4.1.1-RELEASE
420000October 31, 20004.2-RELEASE
420001January 10, 20014.2-STABLE after combining libgcc.a and libgcc_r.a, and associated GCC linkage changes.
430000March 6, 20014.3-RELEASE
430001May 18, 20014.3-STABLE after wint_t introduction.
430002July 22, 20014.3-STABLE after PCI powerstate API merge.
440000August 1, 20014.4-RELEASE
440001October 23, 20014.4-STABLE after d_thread_t introduction.
440002November 4, 20014.4-STABLE after mount structure changes (affects filesystem klds).
440003December 18, 20014.4-STABLE after the userland components of smbfs were imported.
450000December 20, 20014.5-RELEASE
450001February 24, 20024.5-STABLE after the usb structure element rename.
450004April 16, 20024.5-STABLE after the sendmail_enable rc.conf(5) variable was made to take the value NONE.
450005April 27, 20024.5-STABLE after moving to XFree86 4 by default for package builds.
450006May 1, 20024.5-STABLE after accept filtering was fixed so that is no longer susceptible to an easy DoS.
460000June 21, 20024.6-RELEASE
460001June 21, 20024.6-STABLE sendfile(2) fixed to comply with documentation, not to count any headers sent against the amount of data to be sent from the file.
460002July 19, 20024.6.2-RELEASE
460100June 26, 20024.6-STABLE
460101June 26, 20024.6-STABLE after MFC of `sed -i'.
460102September 1, 20024.6-STABLE after MFC of many new pkg_install features from the HEAD.
470000October 8, 20024.7-RELEASE
470100October 9, 20024.7-STABLE
470101November 10, 2002Start generated __std{in,out,err}p references rather than __sF. This changes std{in,out,err} from a compile time expression to a runtime one.
470102January 23, 20034.7-STABLE after MFC of mbuf changes to replace m_aux mbufs by m_tag's
470103February 14, 20034.7-STABLE gets OpenSSL 0.9.7
480000March 30, 20034.8-RELEASE
480100April 5, 20034.8-STABLE
480101May 22, 20034.8-STABLE after realpath(3) has been made thread-safe
480102August 10, 20034.8-STABLE 3ware API changes to twe.
490000October 27, 20034.9-RELEASE
490100October 27, 20034.9-STABLE
490101January 8, 20044.9-STABLE after e_sid was added to struct kinfo_eproc.
490102February 4, 20044.9-STABLE after MFC of libmap functionality for rtld.
491000May 25, 20044.10-RELEASE
491100June 1, 20044.10-STABLE
491101August 11, 20044.10-STABLE after MFC of revision 20040629 of the package tools
491102November 16, 20044.10-STABLE after VM fix dealing with unwiring of fictitious pages
492000December 17, 20044.11-RELEASE
492100December 17, 20044.11-STABLE
492101April 18, 20064.11-STABLE after adding libdata/ldconfig directories to mtree files.
500000March 13, 20005.0-CURRENT
500001April 18, 20005.0-CURRENT after adding addition ELF header fields, and changing our ELF binary branding method.
500002May 2, 20005.0-CURRENT after kld metadata changes.
500003May 18, 20005.0-CURRENT after buf/bio changes.
500004May 26, 20005.0-CURRENT after binutils upgrade.
500005June 3, 20005.0-CURRENT after merging libxpg4 code into libc and after TASKQ interface introduction.
500006June 10, 20005.0-CURRENT after the addition of AGP interfaces.
500007June 29, 20005.0-CURRENT after Perl upgrade to 5.6.0
500008July 7, 20005.0-CURRENT after the update of KAME code to 2000/07 sources.
500009July 14, 20005.0-CURRENT after ether_ifattach() and ether_ifdetach() changes.
500010July 16, 20005.0-CURRENT after changing mtree defaults back to original variant, adding -L to follow symlinks.
500011July 18, 20005.0-CURRENT after kqueue API changed.
500012September 2, 20005.0-CURRENT after setproctitle(3) moved from libutil to libc.
500013September 10, 20005.0-CURRENT after the first SMPng commit.
500014January 4, 20015.0-CURRENT after <sys/select.h> moved to <sys/selinfo.h>.
500015January 10, 20015.0-CURRENT after combining libgcc.a and libgcc_r.a, and associated GCC linkage changes.
500016January 24, 20015.0-CURRENT after change allowing libc and libc_r to be linked together, deprecating -pthread option.
500017February 18, 20015.0-CURRENT after switch from struct ucred to struct xucred to stabilize kernel-exported API for mountd et al.
500018February 24, 20015.0-CURRENT after addition of CPUTYPE make variable for controlling CPU-specific optimizations.
500019June 9, 20015.0-CURRENT after moving machine/ioctl_fd.h to sys/fdcio.h
500020June 15, 20015.0-CURRENT after locale names renaming.
500021June 22, 20015.0-CURRENT after Bzip2 import. Also signifies removal of S/Key.
500022July 12, 20015.0-CURRENT after SSE support.
500023September 14, 20015.0-CURRENT after KSE Milestone 2.
500024October 1, 20015.0-CURRENT after d_thread_t, and moving UUCP to ports.
500025October 4, 20015.0-CURRENT after ABI change for descriptor and creds passing on 64 bit platforms.
500026October 9, 20015.0-CURRENT after moving to XFree86 4 by default for package builds, and after the new libc strnstr() function was added.
500027October 10, 20015.0-CURRENT after the new libc strcasestr() function was added.
500028December 14, 20015.0-CURRENT after the userland components of smbfs were imported.
(not changed) 5.0-CURRENT after the new C99 specific-width integer types were added.
500029January 29, 20025.0-CURRENT after a change was made in the return value of sendfile(2).
500030February 15, 20025.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the type fflags_t, which is the appropriate size for file flags.
500031February 24, 20025.0-CURRENT after the usb structure element rename.
500032March 16, 20025.0-CURRENT after the introduction of Perl 5.6.1.
500033April 3, 20025.0-CURRENT after the sendmail_enable rc.conf(5) variable was made to take the value NONE.
500034April 30, 20025.0-CURRENT after mtx_init() grew a third argument.
500035May 13, 20025.0-CURRENT with Gcc 3.1.
500036May 17, 20025.0-CURRENT without Perl in /usr/src
500037May 29, 20025.0-CURRENT after the addition of dlfunc(3)
500038July 24, 20025.0-CURRENT after the types of some struct sockbuf members were changed and the structure was reordered.
500039September 1, 20025.0-CURRENT after GCC 3.2.1 import. Also after headers stopped using _BSD_FOO_T_ and started using _FOO_T_DECLARED. This value can also be used as a conservative estimate of the start of bzip2(1) package support.
500040September 20, 20025.0-CURRENT after various changes to disk functions were made in the name of removing dependency on disklabel structure internals.
500041October 1, 20025.0-CURRENT after the addition of getopt_long(3) to libc.
500042October 15, 20025.0-CURRENT after Binutils 2.13 upgrade, which included new FreeBSD emulation, vec, and output format.
500043November 1, 20025.0-CURRENT after adding weak pthread_XXX stubs to libc, obsoleting 5.0-RELEASE.
500100January 17, 20035.0-CURRENT after branching for RELENG_5_0
500101February 19, 2003<sys/dkstat.h> is empty. Do not include it.
500102February 25, 20035.0-CURRENT after the d_mmap_t interface change.
500103February 26, 20035.0-CURRENT after taskqueue_swi changed to run without Giant, and taskqueue_swi_giant added to run with Giant.
500104February 27, 2003cdevsw_add() and cdevsw_remove() no longer exists. Appearance of MAJOR_AUTO allocation facility.
500105March 4, 20035.0-CURRENT after new cdevsw initialization method.
500106March 8, 2003devstat_add_entry() has been replaced by devstat_new_entry()
500107March 15, 2003Devstat interface change; see sys/sys/param.h 1.149
500108March 15, 2003Token-Ring interface changes.
500109March 25, 2003Addition of vm_paddr_t.
500110March 28, 20035.0-CURRENT after realpath(3) has been made thread-safe
500111April 9, 20035.0-CURRENT after usbhid(3) has been synced with NetBSD
500112April 17, 20035.0-CURRENT after new NSS implementation and addition of POSIX.1 getpw*_r, getgr*_r functions
500113May 2, 20035.0-CURRENT after removal of the old rc system.
501000June 4, 20035.1-RELEASE.
501100June 2, 20035.1-CURRENT after branching for RELENG_5_1.
501101June 29, 20035.1-CURRENT after correcting the semantics of sigtimedwait(2) and sigwaitinfo(2).
501102July 3, 20035.1-CURRENT after adding the lockfunc and lockfuncarg fields to bus_dma_tag_create(9).
501103July 31, 20035.1-CURRENT after GCC 3.3.1-pre 20030711 snapshot integration.
501104August 5, 20035.1-CURRENT 3ware API changes to twe.
501105August 17, 20035.1-CURRENT dynamically-linked /bin and /sbin support and movement of libraries to /lib.
501106September 8, 20035.1-CURRENT after adding kernel support for Coda 6.x.
501107September 17, 20035.1-CURRENT after 16550 UART constants moved from <dev/sio/sioreg.h> to <dev/ic/ns16550.h>. Also when libmap functionality was unconditionally supported by rtld.
501108September 23, 20035.1-CURRENT after PFIL_HOOKS API update
501109September 27, 20035.1-CURRENT after adding kiconv(3)
501110September 28, 20035.1-CURRENT after changing default operations for open and close in cdevsw
501111October 16, 20035.1-CURRENT after changed layout of cdevsw
501112October 16, 2003 5.1-CURRENT after adding kobj multiple inheritance
501113October 31, 2003 5.1-CURRENT after the if_xname change in struct ifnet
501114November 16, 2003 5.1-CURRENT after changing /bin and /sbin to be dynamically linked
502000December 7, 20035.2-RELEASE
502010February 23, 20045.2.1-RELEASE
502100December 7, 20035.2-CURRENT after branching for RELENG_5_2
502101December 19, 20035.2-CURRENT after __cxa_atexit/__cxa_finalize functions were added to libc.
502102January 30, 20045.2-CURRENT after change of default thread library from libc_r to libpthread.
502103February 21, 20045.2-CURRENT after device driver API megapatch.
502104February 25, 20045.2-CURRENT after getopt_long_only() addition.
502105March 5, 20045.2-CURRENT after NULL is made into ((void *)0) for C, creating more warnings.
502106March 8, 20045.2-CURRENT after pf is linked to the build and install.
502107March 10, 20045.2-CURRENT after time_t is changed to a 64-bit value on sparc64.
502108March 12, 20045.2-CURRENT after Intel C/C++ compiler support in some headers and execve(2) changes to be more strictly conforming to POSIX.
502109March 22, 20045.2-CURRENT after the introduction of the bus_alloc_resource_any API
502110March 27, 20045.2-CURRENT after the addition of UTF-8 locales
502111April 11, 20045.2-CURRENT after the removal of the getvfsent(3) API
502112April 13, 20045.2-CURRENT after the addition of the .warning directive for make.
502113June 4, 20045.2-CURRENT after ttyioctl() was made mandatory for serial drivers.
502114June 13, 20045.2-CURRENT after import of the ALTQ framework.
502115June 14, 20045.2-CURRENT after changing sema_timedwait(9) to return 0 on success and a non-zero error code on failure.
502116June 16, 20045.2-CURRENT after changing kernel dev_t to be pointer to struct cdev *.
502117June 17, 20045.2-CURRENT after changing kernel udev_t to dev_t.
502118June 17, 20045.2-CURRENT after adding support for CLOCK_VIRTUAL and CLOCK_PROF to clock_gettime(2) and clock_getres(2).
502119June 22, 20045.2-CURRENT after changing network interface cloning overhaul.
502120July 2, 20045.2-CURRENT after the update of the package tools to revision 20040629.
502121July 9, 20045.2-CURRENT after marking Bluetooth code as non-i386 specific.
502122July 11, 20045.2-CURRENT after the introduction of the KDB debugger framework, the conversion of DDB into a backend and the introduction of the GDB backend.
502123July 12, 20045.2-CURRENT after change to make VFS_ROOT take a struct thread argument as does vflush. Struct kinfo_proc now has a user data pointer. The switch of the default X implementation to xorg was also made at this time.
502124July 24, 20045.2-CURRENT after the change to separate the way ports rc.d and legacy scripts are started.
502125July 28, 20045.2-CURRENT after the backout of the previous change.
502126July 31, 20045.2-CURRENT after the removal of kmem_alloc_pageable() and the import of gcc 3.4.2.
502127August 2, 20045.2-CURRENT after changing the UMA kernel API to allow ctors/inits to fail.
502128August 8, 20045.2-CURRENT after the change of the vfs_mount signature as well as global replacement of PRISON_ROOT with SUSER_ALLOWJAIL for the suser(9) API.
503000August 23, 20045.3-BETA/RC before the pfil API change
503001September 22, 20045.3-RELEASE
503100October 16, 20045.3-STABLE after branching for RELENG_5_3
503101December 3, 20045.3-STABLE after addition of glibc style strftime(3) padding options.
503102February 13, 20055.3-STABLE after OpenBSD's nc(1) import MFC.
503103February 27, 20055.4-PRERELEASE after the MFC of the fixes in <src/include/stdbool.h> and <src/sys/i386/include/_types.h> for using the GCC-compatibility of the Intel C/C++ compiler.
503104February 28, 20055.4-PRERELEASE after the MFC of the change of ifi_epoch from wall clock time to uptime.
503105March 2, 20055.4-PRERELEASE after the MFC of the fix of EOVERFLOW check in vswprintf(3).
504000April 3, 20055.4-RELEASE.
504100April 3, 20055.4-STABLE after branching for RELENG_5_4
504101May 11, 20055.4-STABLE after increasing the default thread stacksizes
504102June 24, 20055.4-STABLE after the addition of sha256
504103October 3, 20055.4-STABLE after the MFC of if_bridge
504104November 13, 20055.4-STABLE after the MFC of bsdiff and portsnap
504105January 17, 20065.4-STABLE after MFC of ldconfig_local_dirs change.
505000May 12, 20065.5-RELEASE.
505100May 12, 20065.5-STABLE after branching for RELENG_5_5
600000August 18, 20046.0-CURRENT
600001August 27, 20046.0-CURRENT after permanently enabling PFIL_HOOKS in the kernel.
600002August 30, 20046.0-CURRENT after initial addition of ifi_epoch to struct if_data. Backed out after a few days. Do not use this value.
600003September 8, 20046.0-CURRENT after the re-addition of the ifi_epoch member of struct if_data.
600004September 29, 20046.0-CURRENT after addition of the struct inpcb argument to the pfil API.
600005October 5, 20046.0-CURRENT after addition of the "-d DESTDIR" argument to newsyslog.
600006November 4, 20046.0-CURRENT after addition of glibc style strftime(3) padding options.
600007December 12, 20046.0-CURRENT after addition of 802.11 framework updates.
600008January 25, 20056.0-CURRENT after changes to VOP_*VOBJECT() functions and introduction of MNTK_MPSAFE flag for Giantfree filesystems.
600009February 4, 20056.0-CURRENT after addition of the cpufreq framework and drivers.
600010February 6, 20056.0-CURRENT after importing OpenBSD's nc(1).
600011February 12, 20056.0-CURRENT after removing semblance of SVID2 matherr() support.
600012February 15, 20056.0-CURRENT after increase of default thread stacks' size.
600013February 19, 20056.0-CURRENT after fixes in <src/include/stdbool.h> and <src/sys/i386/include/_types.h> for using the GCC-compatibility of the Intel C/C++ compiler.
600014February 21, 20056.0-CURRENT after EOVERFLOW checks in vswprintf(3) fixed.
600015February 25, 20056.0-CURRENT after changing the struct if_data member, ifi_epoch, from wall clock time to uptime.
600016February 26, 20056.0-CURRENT after LC_CTYPE disk format changed.
600017February 27, 20056.0-CURRENT after NLS catalogs disk format changed.
600018February 27, 20056.0-CURRENT after LC_COLLATE disk format changed.
600019February 28, 2005Installation of acpica includes into /usr/include.
600020March 9, 2005Addition of MSG_NOSIGNAL flag to send(2) API.
600021March 17, 2005Addition of fields to cdevsw
600022March 21, 2005Removed gtar from base system.
600023April 13, 2005LOCAL_CREDS, LOCAL_CONNWAIT socket options added to unix(4).
600024April 19, 2005hwpmc(4) and related tools added to 6.0-CURRENT.
600025April 26, 2005struct icmphdr added to 6.0-CURRENT.
600026May 3, 2005pf updated to 3.7.
600027May 6, 2005Kernel libalias and ng_nat introduced.
600028May 13, 2005POSIX ttyname_r(3) made available through unistd.h and libc.
600029May 29, 20056.0-CURRENT after libpcap updated to v0.9.1 alpha 096.
600030June 5, 20056.0-CURRENT after importing NetBSD's if_bridge(4).
600031June 10, 20056.0-CURRENT after struct ifnet was broken out of the driver softcs.
600032July 11, 20056.0-CURRENT after the import of libpcap v0.9.1.
600033July 25, 20056.0-STABLE after bump of all shared library versions that had not been changed since RELENG_5.
600034August 13, 20056.0-STABLE after credential argument is added to dev_clone event handler. 6.0-RELEASE.
600100November 1, 20056.0-STABLE after 6.0-RELEASE
600101December 21, 20056.0-STABLE after incorporating scripts from the local_startup directories into the base rcorder(8).
600102December 30, 20056.0-STABLE after updating the ELF types and constants.
600103January 15, 20066.0-STABLE after MFC of pidfile(3) API.
600104January 17, 20066.0-STABLE after MFC of ldconfig_local_dirs change.
600105February 26, 20066.0-STABLE after NLS catalog support of csh(1).
601000May 6, 20066.1-RELEASE
601100May 6, 20066.1-STABLE after 6.1-RELEASE.
601101June 22, 20066.1-STABLE after the import of csup.
601102July 11, 20066.1-STABLE after the iwi(4) update.
601103July 17, 20066.1-STABLE after the resolver update to BIND9, and exposure of reentrant version of netdb functions.
601104August 8, 20066.1-STABLE after DSO (dynamic shared objects) support has been enabled in OpenSSL.
601105September 2, 20066.1-STABLE after 802.11 fixups changed the api for the IEEE80211_IOC_STA_INFO ioctl.
602000November 15, 20066.2-RELEASE
602100September 15, 20066.2-STABLE after 6.2-RELEASE.
602101December 12, 20066.2-STABLE after the addition of Wi-Spy quirk.
602102December 28, 20066.2-STABLE after pci_find_extcap() addition.
602103January 16, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of dlsym change to look for a requested symbol both in specified dso and its implicit dependencies.
602104January 28, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of ng_deflate(4) and ng_pred1(4) netgraph nodes and new compression and encryption modes for ng_ppp(4) node.
602105February 20, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of BSD licensed version of gzip(1) ported from NetBSD.
602106March 31, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of PCI MSI and MSI-X support.
602107April 6, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of ncurses 5.6 and wide character support.
602108April 11, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of CAM 'SG' peripheral device, which implements a subset of Linux SCSI SG passthrough device API.
602109April 17, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of readline 5.2 patchset 002.
602110May 2, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of pmap_invalidate_cache(), pmap_change_attr(), pmap_mapbios(), pmap_mapdev_attr(), and pmap_unmapbios() for amd64 and i386.
602111June 11, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of BOP_BDFLUSH and caused breakage of the filesystem modules KBI.
602112September 21, 20076.2-STABLE after libutil(3) MFC's.
602113October 25, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of wide and single byte ctype separation. Newly compiled binary that references to ctype.h may require a new symbol, __mb_sb_limit, which is not available on older systems.
602114October 30, 20076.2-STABLE after ctype ABI forward compatibility restored.
602115November 21, 20076.2-STABLE after back out of wide and single byte ctype separation.
603000November 25, 20076.3-RELEASE
603100November 25, 20076.3-STABLE after 6.3-RELEASE.
603101December 7, 20076.3-STABLE after fixing multibyte type support in bit macro.
603102April 24, 20086.3-STABLE after adding l_sysid to struct flock.
603103May 27, 20086.3-STABLE after MFC of the memrchr function.
603104June 15, 20086.3-STABLE after MFC of support for :u variable modifier in make(1).
604000October 4, 20086.4-RELEASE
604100October 4, 20086.4-STABLE after 6.4-RELEASE.
700000July 11, 20057.0-CURRENT.
700001July 23, 20057.0-CURRENT after bump of all shared library versions that had not been changed since RELENG_5.
700002August 13, 20057.0-CURRENT after credential argument is added to dev_clone event handler.
700003August 25, 20057.0-CURRENT after memmem(3) is added to libc.
700004October 30, 20057.0-CURRENT after solisten(9) kernel arguments are modified to accept a backlog parameter.
700005November 11, 20057.0-CURRENT after IFP2ENADDR() was changed to return a pointer to IF_LLADDR().
700006November 11, 20057.0-CURRENT after addition of if_addr member to struct ifnet and IFP2ENADDR() removal.
700007December 2, 20057.0-CURRENT after incorporating scripts from the local_startup directories into the base rcorder(8).
700008December 5, 20057.0-CURRENT after removal of MNT_NODEV mount option.
700009December 19, 20057.0-CURRENT after ELF-64 type changes and symbol versioning.
700010December 20, 20057.0-CURRENT after addition of hostb and vgapci drivers, addition of pci_find_extcap(), and changing the AGP drivers to no longer map the aperture.
700011December 31, 20057.0-CURRENT after tv_sec was made time_t on all platforms but Alpha.
700012January 8, 20067.0-CURRENT after ldconfig_local_dirs change.
700013January 12, 20067.0-CURRENT after changes to /etc/rc.d/abi to support /compat/linux/etc/ being a symlink in a readonly filesystem.
700014January 26, 20067.0-CURRENT after pts import.
700015March 26, 20067.0-CURRENT after the introduction of version 2 of hwpmc(4)'s ABI.
700016April 22, 20067.0-CURRENT after addition of fcloseall(3) to libc.
700017May 13, 20067.0-CURRENT after removal of ip6fw.
700018July 15, 20067.0-CURRENT after import of snd_emu10kx.
700019July 29, 20067.0-CURRENT after import of OpenSSL 0.9.8b.
700020September 3, 20067.0-CURRENT after addition of bus_dma_get_tag function
700021September 4, 20067.0-CURRENT after libpcap 0.9.4 and tcpdump 3.9.4 import.
700022September 9, 20067.0-CURRENT after dlsym change to look for a requested symbol both in specified dso and its implicit dependencies.
700023September 23, 20067.0-CURRENT after adding new sound IOCTLs for the OSSv4 mixer API.
700024September 28, 20067.0-CURRENT after import of OpenSSL 0.9.8d.
700025November 11, 20067.0-CURRENT after the addition of libelf.
700026November 26, 20067.0-CURRENT after major changes on sound sysctls.
700027November 30, 20067.0-CURRENT after the addition of Wi-Spy quirk.
700028December 15, 20067.0-CURRENT after the addition of sctp calls to libc
700029January 26, 20077.0-CURRENT after the GNU gzip(1) implementation was replaced with a BSD licensed version ported from NetBSD.
700030February 7, 20077.0-CURRENT after the removal of IPIP tunnel encapsulation (VIFF_TUNNEL) from the IPv4 multicast forwarding code.
700031February 23, 20077.0-CURRENT after the modification of bus_setup_intr() (newbus).
700032March 2, 20077.0-CURRENT after the inclusion of ipw(4) and iwi(4) firmware.
700033March 9, 20077.0-CURRENT after the inclusion of ncurses wide character support.
700034March 19, 20077.0-CURRENT after changes to how insmntque(), getnewvnode(), and vfs_hash_insert() work.
700035March 26, 20077.0-CURRENT after addition of a notify mechanism for CPU frequency changes.
700036April 6, 20077.0-CURRENT after import of the ZFS filesystem.
700037April 8, 20077.0-CURRENT after addition of CAM 'SG' peripheral device, which implements a subset of Linux SCSI SG passthrough device API.
700038April 30, 20077.0-CURRENT after changing getenv(3), putenv(3), setenv(3) and unsetenv(3) to be POSIX conformant.
700039May 1, 20077.0-CURRENT after the changes in 700038 were backed out.
700040May 10, 20077.0-CURRENT after the addition of flopen(3) to libutil.
700041May 13, 20077.0-CURRENT after enabling symbol versioning, and changing the default thread library to libthr.
700042May 19, 20077.0-CURRENT after the import of gcc 4.2.0.
700043May 21, 20077.0-CURRENT after bump of all shared library versions that had not been changed since RELENG_6.
700044June 7, 20077.0-CURRENT after changing the argument for vn_open()/VOP_OPEN() from file descriptor index to the struct file *.
700045June 10, 20077.0-CURRENT after changing pam_nologin(8) to provide an account management function instead of an authentication function to the PAM framework.
700046June 11, 20077.0-CURRENT after updated 802.11 wireless support.
700047June 11, 20077.0-CURRENT after adding TCP LRO interface capabilities.
700048June 12, 20077.0-CURRENT after RFC 3678 API support added to the IPv4 stack. Legacy RFC 1724 behavior of the IP_MULTICAST_IF ioctl has now been removed; may no longer be used to specify an interface index. Use struct ipmreqn instead.
700049July 3, 20077.0-CURRENT after importing pf from OpenBSD 4.1
(not changed) 7.0-CURRENT after adding IPv6 support for FAST_IPSEC, deleting KAME IPSEC, and renaming FAST_IPSEC to IPSEC.
700050July 4, 20077.0-CURRENT after converting setenv/putenv/etc. calls from traditional BSD to POSIX.
700051July 4, 20077.0-CURRENT after adding new mmap/lseek/etc syscalls.
700052July 6, 20077.0-CURRENT after moving I4B headers to include/i4b.
700053September 30, 20077.0-CURRENT after the addition of support for PCI domains
700054October 25, 20077.0-CURRENT after MFC of wide and single byte ctype separation.
700055October 28, 20077.0-RELEASE, and 7.0-CURRENT after ABI backwards compatibility to the FreeBSD 4/5/6 versions of the PCIOCGETCONF, PCIOCREAD and PCIOCWRITE IOCTLs was MFCed, which required the ABI of the PCIOCGETCONF IOCTL to be broken again
700100December 22, 20077.0-STABLE after 7.0-RELEASE
700101February 8, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of m_collapse().
700102March 30, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of kdb_enter_why().
700103April 10, 20087.0-STABLE after adding l_sysid to struct flock.
700104April 11, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of procstat(1).
700105April 11, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of umtx features.
700106April 15, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of write(2) support to psm(4).
700107April 20, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of F_DUP2FD command to fcntl(2).
700108May 5, 20087.0-STABLE after some lockmgr(9) changes, which makes it necessary to include sys/lock.h to use lockmgr(9).
700109May 27, 20087.0-STABLE after MFC of the memrchr function.
700110August 5, 20087.0-STABLE after MFC of kernel NFS lockd client.
700111August 20, 20087.0-STABLE after addition of physically contiguous jumbo frame support.
700112August 27, 20087.0-STABLE after MFC of kernel DTrace support.
701000November 25, 20087.1-RELEASE
701100November 25, 20087.1-STABLE after 7.1-RELEASE.
701101January 10, 20097.1-STABLE after strndup merge.
701102January 17, 20097.1-STABLE after cpuctl(4) support added.
701103February 7, 20097.1-STABLE after the merge of multi-/no-IPv4/v6 jails.
701104February 14, 20097.1-STABLE after the store of the suspension owner in the struct mount, and introduction of vfs_susp_clean method into the struct vfsops.
701105March 12, 20097.1-STABLE after the incompatible change to the kern.ipc.shmsegs sysctl to allow allocating larger SysV shared memory segments on 64bit architectures.
701106March 14, 20097.1-STABLE after the merge of a fix for POSIX semaphore wait operations.
702000April 15, 20097.2-RELEASE
702100April 15, 20097.2-STABLE after 7.2-RELEASE.
702101May 15, 20097.2-STABLE after ichsmb(4) was changed to use left-adjusted slave addressing to match other SMBus controller drivers.
702102May 28, 20097.2-STABLE after MFC of the fdopendir function.
702103June 06, 20097.2-STABLE after MFC of PmcTools.
702104July 14, 20097.2-STABLE after MFC of the closefrom system call.
702105July 31, 20097.2-STABLE after MFC of the SYSVIPC ABI change.
702106September 14, 20097.2-STABLE after MFC of the x86 PAT enhancements and addition of d_mmap_single() and the scatter/gather list VM object type.
703000February 9, 20107.3-RELEASE
703100February 9, 20107.3-STABLE after 7.3-RELEASE.
704000December 22, 20107.4-RELEASE
704100December 22, 20107.4-STABLE after 7.4-RELEASE.
800000October 11, 20078.0-CURRENT. Separating wide and single byte ctype.
800001October 16, 20078.0-CURRENT after libpcap 0.9.8 and tcpdump 3.9.8 import.
800002October 21, 20078.0-CURRENT after renaming kthread_create() and friends to kproc_create() etc.
800003October 24, 20078.0-CURRENT after ABI backwards compatibility to the FreeBSD 4/5/6 versions of the PCIOCGETCONF, PCIOCREAD and PCIOCWRITE IOCTLs was added, which required the ABI of the PCIOCGETCONF IOCTL to be broken again
800004November 12, 20078.0-CURRENT after agp(4) driver moved from src/sys/pci to src/sys/dev/agp
800005December 4, 20078.0-CURRENT after changes to the jumbo frame allocator (rev 174247).
800006December 7, 20078.0-CURRENT after the addition of callgraph capture functionality to hwpmc(4).
800007December 25, 20078.0-CURRENT after kdb_enter() gains a "why" argument.
800008December 28, 20078.0-CURRENT after LK_EXCLUPGRADE option removal.
800009January 9, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of lockmgr_disown(9)
800010January 10, 20088.0-CURRENT after the vn_lock(9) prototype change.
800011January 13, 20088.0-CURRENT after the VOP_LOCK(9) and VOP_UNLOCK(9) prototype changes.
800012January 19, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of lockmgr_recursed(9), BUF_RECURSED(9) and BUF_ISLOCKED(9) and the removal of BUF_REFCNT().
800013January 23, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of the ASCII encoding.
800014January 24, 20088.0-CURRENT after changing the prototype of lockmgr(9) and removal of lockcount() and LOCKMGR_ASSERT().
800015January 26, 20088.0-CURRENT after extending the types of the fts(3) structures.
800016February 1, 20088.0-CURRENT after adding an argument to MEXTADD(9)
800017February 6, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of LK_NODUP and LK_NOWITNESS options in the lockmgr(9) space.
800018February 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after the addition of m_collapse.
800019February 9, 20088.0-CURRENT after the addition of current working directory, root directory, and jail directory support to the kern.proc.filedesc sysctl.
800020February 13, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of lockmgr_assert(9) and BUF_ASSERT functions.
800021February 15, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of lockmgr_args(9) and LK_INTERNAL flag removal.
800022(backed out)8.0-CURRENT after changing the default system ar to BSD ar(1).
800023February 25, 20088.0-CURRENT after changing the prototypes of lockstatus(9) and VOP_ISLOCKED(9), more specifically retiring the struct thread argument.
800024March 1, 20088.0-CURRENT after axing out the lockwaiters and BUF_LOCKWAITERS functions, changing the return value of brelvp from void to int and introducing new flags for lockinit(9).
800025March 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after adding F_DUP2FD command to fcntl(2).
800026March 12, 20088.0-CURRENT after changing the priority parameter to cv_broadcastpri such that 0 means no priority.
800027March 24, 20088.0-CURRENT after changing the bpf monitoring ABI when zerocopy bpf buffers were added.
800028March 26, 20088.0-CURRENT after adding l_sysid to struct flock.
800029March 28, 20088.0-CURRENT after reintegration of the BUF_LOCKWAITERS function and the addition of lockmgr_waiters(9).
800030April 1, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the rw_try_rlock(9) and rw_try_wlock(9) functions.
800031April 6, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the lockmgr_rw and lockmgr_args_rw functions.
800032April 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after the implementation of the openat and related syscalls, introduction of the O_EXEC flag for the open(2), and providing the corresponding linux compatibility syscalls.
800033April 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after added write(2) support for psm(4) in native operation level. Now arbitrary commands can be written to /dev/psm%d and status can be read back from it.
800034April 10, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of the memrchr function.
800035April 16, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of the fdopendir function.
800036April 20, 20088.0-CURRENT after switchover of 802.11 wireless to multi-bss support (aka vaps).
800037May 9, 20088.0-CURRENT after addition of multi routing table support (aka setfib(1), setfib(2)).
800038May 26, 20088.0-CURRENT after removal of netatm and ISDN4BSD. Also, the addition of the Compact C Type (CTF) tools.
800039June 14, 20088.0-CURRENT after removal of sgtty.
800040June 26, 20088.0-CURRENT with kernel NFS lockd client.
800041July 22, 20088.0-CURRENT after addition of arc4random_buf(3) and arc4random_uniform(3).
800042August 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after addition of cpuctl(4).
800043August 13, 20088.0-CURRENT after changing bpf(4) to use a single device node, instead of device cloning.
800044August 17, 20088.0-CURRENT after the commit of the first step of the vimage project renaming global variables to be virtualized with a V_ prefix with macros to map them back to their global names.
800045August 20, 20088.0-CURRENT after the integration of the MPSAFE TTY layer, including changes to various drivers and utilities that interact with it.
800046September 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after the separation of the GDT per CPU on amd64 architecture.
800047September 10, 20088.0-CURRENT after removal of VSVTX, VSGID and VSUID.
800048September 16, 20088.0-CURRENT after converting the kernel NFS mount code to accept individual mount options in the nmount() iovec, not just one big struct nfs_args.
800049September 17, 20088.0-CURRENT after the removal of suser(9) and suser_cred(9).
800050October 20, 20088.0-CURRENT after buffer cache API change.
800051October 23, 20088.0-CURRENT after the removal of the MALLOC(9) and FREE(9) macros.
800052October 28, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of accmode_t and renaming of VOP_ACCESS 'a_mode' argument to 'a_accmode'.
800053November 2, 20088.0-CURRENT after the prototype change of vfs_busy(9) and the introduction of its MBF_NOWAIT and MBF_MNTLSTLOCK flags.
800054November 22, 20088.0-CURRENT after the addition of buf_ring, memory barriers and ifnet functions to facilitate multiple hardware transmit queues for cards that support them, and a lockless ring-buffer implementation to enable drivers to more efficiently manage queuing of packets.
800055November 27, 20088.0-CURRENT after the addition of Intel™ Core, Core2, and Atom support to hwpmc(4).
800056November 29, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of multi-/no-IPv4/v6 jails.
800057December 1, 20088.0-CURRENT after the switch to the ath hal source code.
800058December 12, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the VOP_VPTOCNP operation.
800059December 15, 20088.0-CURRENT incorporates the new arp-v2 rewrite.
800060December 19, 20088.0-CURRENT after the addition of makefs.
800061January 15, 20098.0-CURRENT after TCP Appropriate Byte Counting.
800062January 28, 20098.0-CURRENT after removal of minor(), minor2unit(), unit2minor(), etc.
800063February 18, 20098.0-CURRENT after GENERIC config change to use the USB2 stack, but also the addition of fdevname(3).
800064February 23, 20098.0-CURRENT after the USB2 stack is moved to and replaces dev/usb.
800065February 26, 20098.0-CURRENT after the renaming of all functions in libmp(3).
800066February 27, 20098.0-CURRENT after changing USB devfs handling and layout.
800067February 28, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding getdelim(), getline(), stpncpy(), strnlen(), wcsnlen(), wcscasecmp(), and wcsncasecmp().
800068March 2, 20098.0-CURRENT after renaming the ushub devclass to uhub.
800069March 9, 20098.0-CURRENT after was renamed to
800070March 9, 20098.0-CURRENT after merging IGMPv3 and Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) to the IPv4 stack.
800071March 14, 20098.0-CURRENT after gcc was patched to use C99 inline semantics in c99 and gnu99 mode.
800072March 15, 20098.0-CURRENT after the IFF_NEEDSGIANT flag has been removed; non-MPSAFE network device drivers are no longer supported.
800073March 18, 20098.0-CURRENT after the dynamic string token substitution has been implemented for rpath and needed paths.
800074March 24, 20098.0-CURRENT after tcpdump 4.0.0 and libpcap 1.0.0 import.
800075April 6, 20098.0-CURRENT after layout of structs vnet_net, vnet_inet and vnet_ipfw has been changed.
800076April 9, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding delay profiles in dummynet.
800077April 14, 20098.0-CURRENT after removing VOP_LEASE() and vop_vector.vop_lease.
800078April 15, 20098.0-CURRENT after struct rt_weight fields have been added to struct rt_metrics and struct rt_metrics_lite, changing the layout of struct rt_metrics_lite. A bump to RTM_VERSION was made, but backed out.
800079April 15, 20098.0-CURRENT after struct llentry pointers are added to struct route and struct route_in6.
800080April 15, 20098.0-CURRENT after layout of struct inpcb has been changed.
800081April 19, 20098.0-CURRENT after the layout of struct malloc_type has been changed.
800082April 21, 20098.0-CURRENT after the layout of struct ifnet has changed, and with if_ref() and if_rele() ifnet refcounting.
800083April 22, 20098.0-CURRENT after the implementation of a low-level Bluetooth HCI API.
800084April 29, 20098.0-CURRENT after IPv6 SSM and MLDv2 changes.
800085April 30, 20098.0-CURRENT after enabling support for VIMAGE kernel builds with one active image.
800086May 8, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding support for input lines of arbitrarily length in patch(1).
800087May 11, 20098.0-CURRENT after some VFS KPI changes. The thread argument has been removed from the FSD parts of the VFS. VFS_* functions do not need the context any more because it always refers to curthread. In some special cases, the old behavior is retained.
800088May 20, 20098.0-CURRENT after net80211 monitor mode changes.
800089May 23, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding UDP control block support.
800090May 23, 20098.0-CURRENT after virtualizing interface cloning.
800091May 27, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding hierarchical jails and removing global securelevel.
800092May 29, 20098.0-CURRENT after changing sx_init_flags() KPI. The SX_ADAPTIVESPIN is retired and a new SX_NOADAPTIVE flag is introduced to handle the reversed logic.
800093May 29, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding mnt_xflag to struct mount.
800094May 30, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding VOP_ACCESSX(9).
800095May 30, 20098.0-CURRENT after changing the polling KPI. The polling handlers now return the number of packets processed. A new IFCAP_POLLING_NOCOUNT is also introduced to specify that the return value is not significant and the counting should be skipped.
800096June 1, 20098.0-CURRENT after updating to the new netisr implementation and after changing the way we store and access FIBs.
800097June 8, 20098.0-CURRENT after the introduction of vnet destructor hooks and infrastructure.
800097June 11, 20098.0-CURRENT after the introduction of netgraph outbound to inbound path call detection and queuing, which also changed the layout of struct thread.
800098June 14, 20098.0-CURRENT after OpenSSL 0.9.8k import.
800099June 22, 20098.0-CURRENT after NGROUPS update and moving route virtualization into its own VImage module.
800100June 24, 20098.0-CURRENT after SYSVIPC ABI change.
800101June 29, 20098.0-CURRENT after the removal of the /dev/net/* per-interface character devices.
800102July 12, 20098.0-CURRENT after padding was added to struct sackhint, struct tcpcb, and struct tcpstat.
800103July 13, 20098.0-CURRENT after replacing struct tcpopt with struct toeopt in the TOE driver interface to the TCP syncache.
800104July 14, 20098.0-CURRENT after the addition of the linker-set based per-vnet allocator.
800105July 19, 20098.0-CURRENT after version bump for all shared libraries that do not have symbol versioning turned on.
800106July 24, 20098.0-CURRENT after introduction of OBJT_SG VM object type.
800107August 2, 20098.0-CURRENT after making the newbus subsystem Giant free by adding the newbus sxlock and 8.0-RELEASE.
800108November 21, 20098.0-STABLE after implementing EVFILT_USER kevent filter.
800500January 7, 20108.0-STABLE after __FreeBSD_version bump to make pkg_add -r use packages-8-stable.
800501January 24, 20108.0-STABLE after change of the scandir(3) and alphasort(3) prototypes to conform to SUSv4.
800502January 31, 20108.0-STABLE after addition of sigpause(3).
800503February 25, 20108.0-STABLE after addition of SIOCGIFDESCR and SIOCSIFDESCR ioctls to network interfaces. These ioctl can be used to manipulate interface description, as inspired by OpenBSD.
800504March 1, 20108.0-STABLE after MFC of importing x86emu, a software emulator for real mode x86 CPU from OpenBSD.
800505May 18, 20108.0-STABLE after MFC of adding liblzma, xz, xzdec, and lzmainfo.
801000June 14, 20108.1-RELEASE
801500June 14, 20108.1-STABLE after 8.1-RELEASE.
801501November 3, 20108.1-STABLE after KBI change in struct sysentvec, and implementation of PL_FLAG_SCE/SCX/EXEC/SI and pl_siginfo for ptrace(PT_LWPINFO) .
802000December 22, 20108.2-RELEASE
802500December 22, 20108.2-STABLE after 8.2-RELEASE.
802501February 28, 20118.2-STABLE after merging DTrace changes, including support for userland tracing.
802502March 6, 20118.2-STABLE after merging log2 and log2f into libm.
802503May 1, 20118.2-STABLE after upgrade of the gcc to the last GPLv2 version from the FSF gcc-4_2-branch.
802504May 28, 20118.2-STABLE after introduction of the KPI and supporting infrastructure for modular congestion control.
802505May 28, 20118.2-STABLE after introduction of Hhook and Khelp KPIs.
802506May 28, 20118.2-STABLE after addition of OSD to struct tcpcb.
802507June 6, 20118.2-STABLE after ZFS v28 import.
802508June 8, 20118.2-STABLE after removal of the schedtail event handler and addition of the sv_schedtail method to struct sysvec.
802509July 14, 20118.2-STABLE after merging the SSSE3 support into binutils.
802510July 19, 20118.2-STABLE after addition of RFTSIGZMB flag for rfork(2).
802511September 9, 20118.2-STABLE after addition of automatic detection of USB mass storage devices which do not support the no synchronize cache SCSI command.
802512September 10, 20118.2-STABLE after merging of re-factoring of auto-quirk.
802513October 25, 20118.2-STABLE after merging of the MAP_PREFAULT_READ flag to mmap(2).
802514November 16, 20118.2-STABLE after merging of addition of posix_fallocate(2) syscall.
802515January 6, 20128.2-STABLE after merging of addition of the posix_fadvise(2) system call.
802516January 16, 20128.2-STABLE after merging gperf 3.0.3
802517February 15, 20128.2-STABLE after introduction of the new extensible sysctl(3) interface NET_RT_IFLISTL to query address lists (rev 231769).
803000March 3, 20128.3-RELEASE.
803500March 3, 20128.3-STABLE after branching releng/8.3 (RELENG_8_3).
804000March 28, 20138.4-RELEASE.
804500March 28, 20138.4-STABLE after 8.4-RELEASE.
804504September 9, 20148.4-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:18 (rev 271305).
804505September 16, 20148.4-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:19 (rev 271668).
804506October 21, 20148.4-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:21 (rev 273413).
804507November 4, 20148.4-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:23, FreeBSD-SA-14:24, and FreeBSD-SA-14:25 (rev 274162).
900000August 22, 20099.0-CURRENT.
900001September 8, 20099.0-CURRENT after importing x86emu, a software emulator for real mode x86 CPU from OpenBSD.
900002September 23, 20099.0-CURRENT after implementing the EVFILT_USER kevent filter functionality.
900003December 2, 20099.0-CURRENT after addition of sigpause(3) and PIE support in csu.
900004December 6, 20099.0-CURRENT after addition of libulog and its libutempter compatibility interface.
900005December 12, 20099.0-CURRENT after addition of sleepq_sleepcnt(), which can be used to query the number of waiters on a specific waiting queue.
900006January 4, 20109.0-CURRENT after change of the scandir(3) and alphasort(3) prototypes to conform to SUSv4.
900007January 13, 20109.0-CURRENT after the removal of utmp(5) and the addition of utmpx (see getutxent(3)) for improved logging of user logins and system events.
900008January 20, 20109.0-CURRENT after the import of BSDL bc/dc and the deprecation of GNU bc/dc.
900009January 26, 20109.0-CURRENT after the addition of SIOCGIFDESCR and SIOCSIFDESCR ioctls to network interfaces. These ioctl can be used to manipulate interface description, as inspired by OpenBSD.
900010March 22, 20109.0-CURRENT after the import of zlib 1.2.4.
900011April 24, 20109.0-CURRENT after adding soft-updates journalling.
900012May 10, 20109.0-CURRENT after adding liblzma, xz, xzdec, and lzmainfo.
900013May 24, 20109.0-CURRENT after bringing in USB fixes for linux(4).
900014June 10, 20109.0-CURRENT after adding Clang.
900015July 22, 20109.0-CURRENT after the import of BSD grep.
900016July 28, 20109.0-CURRENT after adding mti_zone to struct malloc_type_internal.
900017August 23, 20109.0-CURRENT after changing back default grep to GNU grep and adding WITH_BSD_GREP knob.
900018August 24, 20109.0-CURRENT after the pthread_kill(3) -generated signal is identified as SI_LWP in si_code. Previously, si_code was SI_USER.
900019August 28, 20109.0-CURRENT after addition of the MAP_PREFAULT_READ flag to mmap(2).
900020September 9, 20109.0-CURRENT after adding drain functionality to sbufs, which also changed the layout of struct sbuf.
900021September 13, 20109.0-CURRENT after DTrace has grown support for userland tracing.
900022October 2, 20109.0-CURRENT after addition of the BSDL man utilities and retirement of GNU/GPL man utilities.
900023October 11, 20109.0-CURRENT after updating xz to git 20101010 snapshot.
900024November 11, 20109.0-CURRENT after libgcc.a was replaced by libcompiler_rt.a.
900025November 12, 20109.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the modularised congestion control.
900026November 30, 20109.0-CURRENT after the introduction of Serial Management Protocol (SMP) passthrough and the XPT_SMP_IO and XPT_GDEV_ADVINFO CAM CCBs.
900027December 5, 20109.0-CURRENT after the addition of log2 to libm.
900028December 21, 20109.0-CURRENT after the addition of the Hhook (Helper Hook), Khelp (Kernel Helpers) and Object Specific Data (OSD) KPIs.
900029December 28, 20109.0-CURRENT after the modification of the TCP stack to allow Khelp modules to interact with it via helper hook points and store per-connection data in the TCP control block.
900030January 12, 20119.0-CURRENT after the update of libdialog to version 20100428.
900031February 7, 20119.0-CURRENT after the addition of pthread_getthreadid_np(3).
900032February 8, 20119.0-CURRENT after the removal of the uio_yield prototype and symbol.
900033February 18, 20119.0-CURRENT after the update of binutils to version 2.17.50.
900034March 8, 20119.0-CURRENT after the struct sysvec (sv_schedtail) changes.
900035March 29, 20119.0-CURRENT after the update of base gcc and libstdc++ to the last GPLv2 licensed revision.
900036April 18, 20119.0-CURRENT after the removal of libobjc and Objective-C support from the base system.
900037May 13, 20119.0-CURRENT after importing the libprocstat(3) library and fuser(1) utility to the base system.
900038May 22, 20119.0-CURRENT after adding a lock flag argument to VFS_FHTOVP(9).
900039June 28, 20119.0-CURRENT after importing pf from OpenBSD 4.5.
900040July 19, 2011Increase default MAXCPU for FreeBSD to 64 on amd64 and ia64 and to 128 for XLP (mips).
900041August 13, 20119.0-CURRENT after the implementation of Capsicum capabilities; fget(9) gains a rights argument.
900042August 28, 2011Bump shared libraries' version numbers for libraries whose ABI has changed in preparation for 9.0.
900043September 2, 2011Add automatic detection of USB mass storage devices which do not support the no synchronize cache SCSI command.
900044September 10, 2011Re-factor auto-quirk. 9.0-RELEASE.
900045January 2, 20129-CURRENT after MFC of true/false from 1000002.
900500January 2, 20129.0-STABLE.
900501January 6, 20129.0-STABLE after merging of addition of the posix_fadvise(2) system call.
900502January 16, 20129.0-STABLE after merging gperf 3.0.3
900503February 15, 20129.0-STABLE after introduction of the new extensible sysctl(3) interface NET_RT_IFLISTL to query address lists (rev 231768).
900504March 3, 20129.0-STABLE after changes related to mounting of filesystem inside a jail (rev 232728).
900505March 13, 20129.0-STABLE after introduction of new tcp(4) socket options: TCP_KEEPINIT, TCP_KEEPIDLE, TCP_KEEPINTVL, and TCP_KEEPCNT (rev 232945).
900506May 22, 20129.0-STABLE after introduction of the quick_exit function and related changes required for C++11 (rev 235786).
901000August 5, 20129.1-RELEASE.
901500August 6, 20129.1-STABLE after branching releng/9.1 (RELENG_9_1).
901501November 11, 20129.1-STABLE after LIST_PREV() added to queue.h (rev 242893) and KBI change in USB serial devices (rev 240659).
901502November 28, 20129.1-STABLE after USB serial jitter buffer requires rebuild of USB serial device modules.
901503February 21, 20139.1-STABLE after USB moved to the driver structure requiring a rebuild of all USB modules. Also indicates the presence of nmtree.
901504March 15, 20139.1-STABLE after install gained -l, -M, -N and related flags and cat gained the -l option.
901505June 13, 20139.1-STABLE after fixes in ctfmerge bootstrapping (rev 249243).
902001August 3, 2013releng/9.2 branched from stable/9 (rev 253912).
902501August 2, 20139.2-STABLE after creation of releng/9.2 branch (rev 253913).
902502August 26, 20139.2-STABLE after inclusion of the PIM_RESCAN CAM path inquiry flag (rev 254938).
902503August 27, 20139.2-STABLE after inclusion of the SI_UNMAPPED cdev flag (rev 254979).
902504October 22, 20139.2-STABLE after inclusion of support for first boot rc(8) scripts (rev 256917).
902505December 12, 20139.2-STABLE after Heimdal encoding fix (rev 259448).
902506December 31, 20139-STABLE after MAP_STACK fixes (rev 260082).
902507March 5, 20149-STABLE after upgrade of libc++ to 3.4 release (rev 262801).
902508March 14, 20149-STABLE after merge of the Radeon KMS driver (rev 263170).
902509March 21, 20149-STABLE after upgrade of llvm/clang to 3.4 release (rev 263509).
902510March 27, 20149-STABLE after merge of the vt(4) driver (rev 263818).
902511March 27, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:06.openssl (rev 264289).
902512April 30, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:08.tcp (rev 265123).
903000June 20, 20149-RC1 releng/9.3 branch (rev 267656).
903500June 20, 20149.3-STABLE releng/9.3 branch (rev 267657).
903501July 8, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:17.kmem (rev 268433).
903502August 19, 20149-STABLE after SOCK_DGRAM bug fix (rev 269789).
903503September 9, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:18 (rev 269687).
903504September 16, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:19 (rev 271668).
903505October 21, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:20, FreeBSD-SA-14:21, FreeBSD-SA-14:22 (rev 273412).
903506November 4, 20149-STABLE FreeBSD-SA-14:23, FreeBSD-SA-14:24, and FreeBSD-SA-14:25 (rev 274162).
1000000September 26, 201110.0-CURRENT.
1000001November 4, 201110-CURRENT after addition of the posix_fadvise(2) system call.
1000002December 12, 201110-CURRENT after defining boolean true/false in sys/types.h, sizeof(bool) may have changed (rev 228444). 10-CURRENT after xlocale.h was introduced (rev 227753).
1000003December 16, 201110-CURRENT after major changes to carp(4), changing size of struct in_aliasreq, struct in6_aliasreq (rev 228571) and straitening arguments check of SIOCAIFADDR (rev 228574).
1000004January 1, 201210-CURRENT after the removal of skpc(9) and the addition of memcchr(9) (rev 229200).
1000005January 16, 201210-CURRENT after the removal of support for SIOCSIFADDR, SIOCSIFNETMASK, SIOCSIFBRDADDR, SIOCSIFDSTADDR ioctls (rev 230207).
1000006January 26, 201210-CURRENT after introduction of read capacity data asynchronous notification in the cam(4) layer (rev 230590).
1000007February 5, 201210-CURRENT after introduction of new tcp(4) socket options: TCP_KEEPINIT, TCP_KEEPIDLE, TCP_KEEPINTVL, and TCP_KEEPCNT (rev 231025).
1000008February 11, 201210-CURRENT after introduction of the new extensible sysctl(3) interface NET_RT_IFLISTL to query address lists (rev 231505).
1000009February 25, 201210-CURRENT after import of libarchive 3.0.3 (rev 232153).
1000010March 31, 201210-CURRENT after xlocale cleanup (rev 233757).
1000011April 16, 201210-CURRENT import of LLVM/Clang 3.1 trunk r154661 (rev 234353).
1000012May 2, 201210-CURRENT jemalloc import (rev 234924).
1000013May 22, 201210-CURRENT after byacc import (rev 235788).
1000014June 27, 201210-CURRENT after BSD sort becoming the default sort (rev 237629).
1000015July 12, 201210-CURRENT after import of OpenSSL 1.0.1c (rev 238405).
(not changed)July 13, 201210-CURRENT after the fix for LLVM/Clang 3.1 regression (rev 238429).
1000016August 8, 201210-CURRENT after KBI change in ucom(4) (rev 239179).
1000017August 8, 201210-CURRENT after adding streams feature to the USB stack (rev 239214).
1000018September 8, 201210-CURRENT after major rewrite of pf(4) (rev 240233).
1000019October 6, 201210-CURRENT after pfil(9) KBI/KPI changed to supply packets in net byte order to AF_INET filter hooks (rev 241245).
1000020October 16, 201210-CURRENT after the network interface cloning KPI changed and struct if_clone becoming opaque (rev 241610).
1000021October 22, 201210-CURRENT after removal of support for non-MPSAFE filesystems and addition of support for FUSEFS (rev 241519, 241897).
1000022October 22, 201210-CURRENT after the entire IPv4 stack switched to network byte order for IP packet header storage (rev 241913).
1000023November 5, 201210-CURRENT after jitter buffer in the common USB serial driver code, to temporarily store characters if the TTY buffer is full. Add flow stop and start signals when this happens (rev 242619).
1000024November 5, 201210-CURRENT after clang was made the default compiler on i386 and amd64 (rev 242624).
1000025November 17, 201210-CURRENT after the sin6_scope_id member variable in struct sockaddr_in6 was changed to being filled by the kernel before passing the structure to the userland via sysctl or routing socket. This means the KAME-specific embedded scope id in sin6_addr.s6_addr[2] is always cleared in userland application (rev 243443).
1000026January 11, 201310-CURRENT after install gained the -N flag (rev 245313). May also be used to indicate the presence of nmtree.
1000027January 29, 201310-CURRENT after cat gained the -l flag (rev 246083).
1000028February 13, 201310-CURRENT after USB moved to the driver structure requiring a rebuild of all USB modules (rev 246759).
1000029March 4, 201310-CURRENT after the introduction of tickless callout facility which also changed the layout of struct callout (rev 247777).
1000030March 12, 201310-CURRENT after KPI breakage introduced in the VM subsystem to support read/write locking (rev 248084).
1000031April 26, 201310-CURRENT after the dst parameter of the ifnet if_output method was changed to take const qualifier (rev 249925).
1000032May 1, 201310-CURRENT after the introduction of the accept4 (rev 250154) and pipe2 (rev 250159) system calls.
1000033May 21, 201310-CURRENT after flex 2.5.37 import (rev 250881).
1000034June 3, 201310-CURRENT after the addition of these functions to libm: cacos, cacosf, cacosh, cacoshf, casin, casinf, casinh, casinhf, catan, catanf, catanh, catanhf, logl, log2l, log10l, log1pl, expm1l (rev 251294).
1000035June 8, 201310-CURRENT after the introduction of the aio_mlock system call (rev 251526).
1000036July 9, 201310-CURRENT after the addition of a new function to the kernel GSSAPI module's function call interface (rev 253049).
1000037July 9, 201310-CURRENT after the migration of statistics structures to PCPU counters. Changed structures include: ahstat, arpstat, espstat, icmp6_ifstat, icmp6stat, in6_ifstat, ip6stat, ipcompstat, ipipstat, ipsecstat, mrt6stat, mrtstat, pfkeystat, pim6stat, pimstat, rip6stat, udpstat (rev 253081).
1000038July 16, 201310-CURRENT after making ARM EABI the default ABI on arm, armeb, armv6, and armv6eb architectures (rev 253396).
1000039July 22, 201310-CURRENT after CAM and mps(4) driver scanning changes (rev 253549).
1000040July 24, 201310-CURRENT after addition of libusb pkgconf files (rev 253638).
1000041August 5, 201310-CURRENT after change from time_second to time_uptime in PF_INET6 (rev 253970).
1000042August 9, 201310-CURRENT after VM subsystem change to unify soft and hard busy mechanisms (rev 254138).
1000043August 13, 201310-CURRENT after WITH_ICONV is enabled by default. A new src.conf(5) option, WITH_LIBICONV_COMPAT (disabled by default) adds libiconv_open to provide compatibility with the libiconv port (rev 254273).
1000044August 15, 201310-CURRENT after conversion to an ld(1) script (rev 251668, 254358).
1000045August 15, 201310-CURRENT after devfs programming interface change by replacing the cdevsw flag D_UNMAPPED_IO with the struct cdev flag SI_UNMAPPED (rev 254389).
1000046August 19, 201310-CURRENT after addition of M_PROTO[9-12] and removal of M_FRAG|M_FIRSTFRAG|M_LASTFRAG mbuf flags (rev 254524, 254526).
1000047August 21, 201310-CURRENT after stat(2) update to allow storing some Windows/DOS and CIFS file attributes as stat(2) flags (rev 254627).
1000048August 22, 201310-CURRENT after modification of structure xsctp_inpcb (rev 254672).
1000049August 24, 201310-CURRENT after physio(9) support for devices that do not function properly with split I/O, such as sa(4) (rev 254760).
1000050August 24, 201310-CURRENT after modifications of structure mbuf (rev 254780, 254799, 254804, 254807 254842).
1000051August 25, 201310-CURRENT after Radeon KMS driver import (rev 254885, 254887).
1000052September 3, 201310-CURRENT after import of NetBSD libexecinfo is connected to the build (rev 255180).
1000053September 6, 201310-CURRENT after API and ABI changes to the Capsicum framework (rev 255305).
1000054September 6, 201310-CURRENT after gcc and libstdc++ are no longer built by default (rev 255321).
1000055September 6, 201310-CURRENT after addition of MMAP_32BIT mmap(2) flag (rev 255426).
1000100December 7, 2013releng/10.0 branched from stable/10 (rev 259065).
1000500October 10, 201310-STABLE after branch from head/ (rev 256283).
1000501October 22, 201310-STABLE after addition of first-boot rc(8) support (rev 256916).
1000502November 20, 201310-STABLE after removal of iconv symbols from (rev 258398).
1000510December 7, 2013releng/10.0 __FreeBSD_version update to prevent the value from going backwards (rev 259067).
1000700December 7, 201310-STABLE after releng/10.0 branch (rev 259069).
1000701December 15, 201310.0-STABLE after Heimdal encoding fix (rev 259447).
1000702December 31, 201310-STABLE after MAP_STACK fixes (rev 260135).
1000703March 5, 201410-STABLE after upgrade of libc++ to 3.4 release (rev 262801).
1000704March 7, 201410-STABLE after MFC of the vt(4) driver (rev 262861).
1000705March 21, 201410-STABLE after upgrade of llvm/clang to 3.4 release (rev 263508).
1000706April 6, 201410-STABLE after GCC support for __block definition (rev 264214).
1000707April 8, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:06.openssl (rev 264289).
1000708April 30, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:07.devfs, FreeBSD-SA-14:08.tcp, and FreeBSD-SA-14:09.openssl (rev 265122).
1000709May 13, 201410-STABLE after support for UDP-Lite protocol (RFC 3828) (rev 265946).
1000710June 13, 201410-STABLE after changes to strcasecmp(3), moving strcasecmp_l() and strncasecmp_l() from <string.h> to <strings.h> for POSIX 2008 compliance (rev 267465).
1000711July 8, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:17.kmem (rev 268432).
1000712August 1, 201410-STABLE after nfsd(8) 4.1 merge (rev 269398).
1000713August 3, 201410-STABLE after regex(3) library update to add > and < delimiters (rev 269484).
1000714August 3, 201410-STABLE after SOCK_DGRAM bug fix (rev 269490).
1000715September 9, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:18 (rev 269686).
1000716September 16, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:19 (rev 271667).
1000717September 18, 201410-STABLE after i915 HW context support (rev 271816).
1001000October 2, 201410.1-RC1 after releng/10.1 branch (rev 272463).
1001500October 2, 201410-STABLE after releng/10.1 branch (rev 272464).
1001501October 21, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:20, FreeBSD-SA-14:22, FreeBSD-SA-14:23 (rev 273411).
1001502November 4, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:23, FreeBSD-SA-14:24, and FreeBSD-SA-14:25 (rev 274162).
1100000October 10, 201311.0-CURRENT (rev 256284).
1100001October 19, 201311.0-CURRENT after addition of support for "first boot" rc.d scripts, so ports can make use of this (rev 256776).
1100002November 5, 201311.0-CURRENT after dropping support for historic ioctls (rev 257696).
1100003November 17, 201311.0-CURRENT after iconv changes (rev 258284).
1100004December 15, 201311.0-CURRENT after the behavior change of gss_pseudo_random introduced in r259286. (rev 259424)
1100005December 28, 201311.0-CURRENT after r259951 - Do not coalesce entries in vm_map_stack() (rev 260010).
1100006January 28, 201411.0-CURRENT after upgrades of libelf and libdwarf (rev 261246).
1100007January 30, 201411.0-CURRENT after upgrade of libc++ to 3.4 release (rev 261283).
1100008February 14, 201411.0-CURRENT after libc++ 3.4 ABI compatibility fix (rev 261801).
1100009February 16, 201411.0-CURRENT after upgrade of llvm/clang to 3.4 release (rev 261991).
1100010February 28, 201411.0-CURRENT after upgrade of ncurses to 5.9 release (rev 262629).
1100011March 13, 201411.0-CURRENT after ABI change in struct if_data (rev 263102).
1100012March 14, 201411.0-CURRENT after removal of Novell IPX protocol support (rev 263140).
1100013March 14, 201411.0-CURRENT after removal of AppleTalk protocol support (rev 263152).
1100014March 16, 201411.0-CURRENT after renaming <sys/capability.h> to <sys/capsicum.h> to avoid a clash with similarly named headers in other operating systems. A compatibility header is left in place to limit build breakage, but will be deprecated in due course. (rev 263235).
1100015March 22, 201411.0-CURRENT after cnt rename to vm_cnt (rev 263620).
1100016March 23, 201411.0-CURRENT after addition of armv6hf TARGET_ARCH (rev 263660).
1100017April 4, 201411.0-CURRENT after GCC support for __block definition (rev 264121).
1100018April 6, 201411.0-CURRENT after support for UDP-Lite protocol (RFC 3828) (rev 264212).
1100019April 8, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:06.openssl (rev 264265).
1100020May 1, 201411.0-CURRENT after removing lindev in favor of having /dev/full by default (rev 265212).
1100021May 6, 201411.0-CURRENT after changes, decoupling make.conf(5) from buildworld (rev 265419).
1100022May 30, 201411.0-CURRENT after changes to strcasecmp(3), moving strcasecmp_l() and strncasecmp_l() from <string.h> to <strings.h> for POSIX 2008 compliance (rev 266865).
1100023June 13, 201411.0-CURRENT after the CUSE library and kernel module have been attached to the build by default (rev 267440).
1100024June 27, 201411.0-CURRENT after sysctl(3) API change (rev 267992).
1100025June 30, 201411.0-CURRENT after regex(3) library update to add > and < delimiters (rev 268066).
1100026July 1, 201411.0-CURRENT after the internal interface between the NFS modules, including the krpc, was changed by (rev 268115).
1100027July 8, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:17.kmem (rev 268431).
1100028July 21, 201411.0-CURRENT after hdestroy() compliance fix changed ABI (rev 268945).
1100029August 3, 201411.0-CURRENT after SOCK_DGRAM bug fix (rev 269489).
1100030September 1, 201411.0-CURRENT after SOCK_RAW sockets were changed to not modify packets at all (rev 270929).
1100031September 9, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:18.openssl (rev 269686).
1100032September 11, 201411.0-CURRENT after API changes to ifa_ifwithbroadaddr, ifa_ifwithdstaddr, ifa_ifwithnet, and ifa_ifwithroute (rev 271438).
1100033September 9, 201411.0-CURRENT after changing access, eaccess, and faccessat to validate the mode argument (rev 271657).
1100034September 16, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:19.tcp (rev 271666).
1100035September 17, 201411.0-CURRENT after i915 HW context support (rev 271705).
1100036September 17, 2014Version bump to have ABI note distinguish binaries ready for strict mmap(2) flags checking (rev 271724).
1100037October 6, 201411.0-CURRENT after addition of explicit_bzero(3) (rev 272673).
1100038October 11, 201411.0-CURRENT after cleanup of TCP wrapper headers. (rev 272951).
1100039October 18, 201411.0-CURRENT after removal of MAP_RENAME and MAP_NORESERVE (rev 273250).
1100040October 21, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:23 (rev 273146).
1100041October 30, 201411.0-CURRENT after API changes to syscall_register, syscall32_register, syscall_register_helper and syscall32_register_helper (rev 273707).
1100042November 3, 201411.0-CURRENT after a change to struct tcpcb (rev 274046).
1100043November 4, 201411.0-CURRENT after enabling vt(4) by default (rev 274085).
1100045November 4, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:23, FreeBSD-SA-14:24, and FreeBSD-SA-14:25 274162).
1100046November 13, 201411.0-CURRENT after kern_poll signature change (274462).
1100047November 13, 201411.0-CURRENT after removal of no-at version of VFS syscalls helpers, like kern_open (274476).


Note that 2.2-STABLE sometimes identifies itself as 2.2.5-STABLE after the 2.2.5-RELEASE. The pattern used to be year followed by the month, but we decided to change it to a more straightforward major/minor system starting from 2.2. This is because the parallel development on several branches made it infeasible to classify the releases merely by their real release dates. Do not worry about old -CURRENTs; they are listed here just for reference.

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