6.26. Using Databases

Table 6.39. Variables for Ports Using Databases
USE_BDBIf variable is set to yes, add dependency on databases/db5 port. The variable may also be set to values: 48, 5 or 6. It is possible to declare a range of acceptable values, USE_BDB=48+ will find the highest installed version, and fall back to 4.8 if nothing else is installed. WANT_BDB_VER will always build this port with a specific version of the Berkely DB. INVALID_BDB_VER can be used to specify a version that cannot be used.
USE_MYSQLIf the variable is set to yes, add a dependency on the databases/mysql56-client port. An associated variable, WANT_MYSQL_VER, may be set to values such as 51, 55, or 60. Additionally to specify use of Percona, use 56p, or for MariaDB, use 53m, 55m or 100m.
USE_PGSQLRetired in favor of USES=pgsql.
USE_SQLITEIf set to yes, add dependency on databases/sqlite3 port. The variable may also be set to 3 or 2, to add a dependency on 3.x or 2.x, respectively.

More details are available in bsd.database.mk.

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