6.2. Install the Web Pages

Run make install, setting DESTDIR to the target directory for the web site files. The files will be installed in $DESTDIR/data, which is expected to be the web server's document root.

This installation is run as the root user because the permissions on the web server directory will not allow files to be installed by an unprivileged user. In this example, the web site files were built by user jru in their home directory, /usr/home/jru/doc.

# cd /home/jru/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs
# env DESTDIR=/usr/local/www make install

The install process will not delete any old or outdated files that existed previously in the same directory. If a new copy of the site is built and installed every day, this command will find and delete all files that have not been updated in three days.

# find /usr/local/www -ctime 3 -delete

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