14. How to configure a new FreeBSD branch

14.1. Steps necessary before qmanager is started

When a new branch is created, some work needs to be done to specify that the previous branch is no longer equivalent to HEAD.


As srcbuild:

  • Edit /a/portbuild/conf/admin/admin.conf with the following changes:

    • Add new-branch to SRC_BRANCHES.

    • For what was previously head, change SRC_BRANCH_branch_SUBDIR to releng/branch.0 (literal zero).

    • Add SRC_BRANCH_new-branch_SUBDIR =head.

  • Run /a/portbuild/admin/scripts/updatesnap manually.

14.2. Steps necessary after qmanager is started

  • For each branch that will be supported, do the following:

    • As portbuild, kick-start the build for the branch with:

      build create arch branch
    • As srcbuild, create bindist.tar.

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