5. Stage Two: Ports Installation


It is also possible to install the (precompiled) packages at this stage, instead of compiling ports. In this case, stage_2.sh would be nothing more than a list of pkg_add commands. I trust you know how to write such a script. Here we concentrate on the more flexible and traditional way of using the ports.

The following stage_2.sh script is how I install my favorite ports. It can be run any number of times and will skip all ports that are already installed. It supports the dryrun option (-n) to just show what would be done. You run it like stage_1.sh with exactly one argument to denote a config file, e.g.

# ./stage_2.sh default

which will read the list of ports from stage_2.conf.default.

The list of ports consists of lines with two or more space separated words: the category and the port, optionally followed by an installation command that will compile and install the port (default: make install BATCH=yes < /dev/null). Empty lines and lines starting with # are ignored. Most of the time it suffices to only name category and port. A few ports however can be fine tuned by specifying make variables, e.g.:

www mozilla make WITHOUT_MAILNEWS=yes WITHOUT_CHATZILLA=yes install

In fact you can specify arbitrary shell commands, so you are not restricted to simple make invocations:

java jdk16            echo true > files/license.sh; make install BATCH=yes < /dev/null
print acroread8       yes accept | make install PAGER=ls
x11-fonts gnu-unifont make install && mkfontdir /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/local
news inn-stable       CONFIGURE_ARGS="--enable-uucp-rnews --enable-setgid-inews" make install

The first two lines are examples how you can handle ports asking you to accept a licence. Note how the line for news/inn-stable is an example for a one-shot shell variable assignment to CONFIGURE_ARGS. The port Makefile will use this as an initial value and augment some other essential args. The difference to specifying a make variable on the command line with

news inn-stable make CONFIGURE_ARGS="--enable-uucp-rnews --enable-setgid-inews" install

is that the latter will override instead of augment. It depends on the particular port which method you want.

Be careful that your ports do not use an interactive install, i.e. they should not try to read from stdin other than what you explicitly give them on stdin. If they do, they will read the next line(s) from your list of ports in the here-document and get confused. If stage_2.sh mysteriously skips a port or stops processing, this is likely the reason.

Below is stage_2.conf.default. A log file named LOGDIR/category+port is created for each port it actually installs.

# vim: syntax=sh
# $Id: stage_2.conf.default,v 1.4 2008-12-03 21:59:51 schweikh Exp $
# $FreeBSD: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/fbsd-from-scratch/stage_2.conf.default 46390 2015-03-29 03:20:24Z jgh $
devel ccache
shells zsh
devel gettext
archivers unzip
archivers zip
security sudo
x11 xorg
x11-servers xorg-server
x11-fonts xorg-fonts-100dpi
x11-fonts xorg-fonts-75dpi
x11-fonts xorg-fonts-miscbitmaps
x11-fonts xorg-fonts-truetype
x11-fonts xorg-fonts-type1
x11-fonts gnu-unifont make install && mkfontdir /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/local
x11-fonts urwfonts
x11-fonts webfonts
x11-toolkits open-motif
x11-wm ctwm
x11 wdm
security openssh-askpass
astro xplanet
astro xephem
editors vim
print ghostscript8
print psutils-a4
print a2ps-a4
print gv
print transfig
print teTeX
print cups-base
emulators linux_base-fc6
print acroread8 yes accept | make install PAGER=ls
java jdk16 echo true > files/license.sh; make install BATCH=yes < /dev/null
www apache22
www amaya
www firefox3
www checkbot
www p5-HTML-Parser
www validator
www mplayer-plugin
math p5-Math-Combinatorics
math p5-Bit-Vector
graphics evince
graphics xfig
graphics xv
graphics gphoto2
multimedia xawtv
lang expect
lang gawk
lang python
news tin
net freebsd-uucp
net cvsup-without-gui
net rsync
ftp wget
textproc ispell
german ispell-neu
german ispell-alt
textproc docproj
sysutils samefile
sysutils smartmontools
sysutils pstree
sysutils cdrtools
sysutils dvd+rw-tools
sysutils grub
sysutils lsof
devel subversion-freebsd
devel bcc
devel ddd
devel gindent
devel ctags
devel ElectricFence
devel strace
devel perltidy
mail procmail
mail metamail
mail mutt-devel
ports-mgmt portupgrade
news inn CONFIGURE_ARGS="--enable-uucp-rnews --enable-setgid-inews" make BATCH=yes install < /dev/null
misc figlet-fonts
security gpa
mail spamoracle
textproc rman
multimedia mplayer
multimedia mplayer-fonts
multimedia acidrip
multimedia ogle
multimedia ogle-gui
audio pacpl
audio p5-CDDB_get
audio cowbell
shells bash
editors openoffice.org-3-RC
java eclipse
java netbeans

Download stage_2.conf.default.

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