19.2. Device Names

The following is a list of physical storage devices supported in FreeBSD and their associated device names.

Πίνακας 19.1. Physical Disk Naming Conventions
Drive typeDrive device name
IDE hard drivesad or ada
IDE CD-ROM drivesacd or cd
SATA hard drivesad or ada
SATA CD-ROM drivesacd or cd
SCSI hard drives and USB Mass storage devicesda
SCSI CD-ROM drivescd
Assorted non-standard CD-ROM drivesmcd for Mitsumi CD-ROM and scd for Sony CD-ROM devices
Floppy drivesfd
SCSI tape drivessa
IDE tape drivesast
Flash drivesfla for DiskOnChip® Flash device
RAID drivesaacd for Adaptec® AdvancedRAID, mlxd and mlyd for Mylex®, amrd for AMI MegaRAID®, idad for Compaq Smart RAID, twed for 3ware® RAID.

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