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ecalloc(3), emalloc(3), eread(3), erealloc(3), esetenv(3), estrdup(3), ewrite(3)
exit-on-failure wrapper functions
explain setenv(3) errors require_index { }
change or add an environment variable and report errors require_index { "change or add an environment variable and report errors" }
explain unsetenv(3) errors require_index { }
remove an environment variable and report errors require_index { "remove an environment variable and report errors" }
convenience macro for libssh2_channel_setenv_ex(3) calls
set an environment variable on the channel
radare2 utility to run programs in exotic environments Apr 2, 2013 SYNOPSIS rarun2 [script.rr2] DESCRIPTION This program is used as a launcher for running programs with different environment, arguments, permissions, directories and overridden default filedescriptors. The program just accepts a single argument which is the filename of the configuration file to run the program. It is useful when you have to run a program using long arguments or pass long data to stdin or things like that usually required for exploiting crackmes :) DIRECTIVES The rr2 (rarun2) configuration file accepts the following directives, described as key=value entries and comments defined as lines starting with '#'. -tag -width Fl Ar program path to program to be executed Ar stdout select file to replace stdout file descriptor Ar stdin select file to read data from stdin Ar input set string to be passed to the program via stdin Ar chdir change directory before executing the program Ar chroot run the program in chroot. requires some previous setup Ar preload preload a library (not supported on Windows, only linux,osx,bsd) Ar setuid set process uid Ar seteuid set effective process uid Ar setgid set process group id Ar setegid set effective process group id Ar setenv set value for given environment variable Ar arg[0-3] set value for argument N passed to the program EXAMPLES Sample rarun2 script $ cat foo.rr2 #!/usr/bin/rarun2 program=./pp400 arg0=10 stdin=foo.txt chdir=/tmp #chroot=. ./foo.rr2 Connecting a program to a socket $ nc -l 9999 $ rarun2 program=/bin/ls connect=localhost:9999 Debugging a program redirecting io to another terminal ## open a new terminal and type 'tty' to get $ tty ; clear ; sleep 999999 /dev/ttyS010 ## in another terminal run r2 $ r2 -d rarun2 program=/bin/ls stdio=/dev/ttys010 SEE ALSO radare2(1) , rahash2(1) , rafind2(1) , rabin2(1) , radiff2(1) , ragg2(1) , rasm2(1) , AUTHORS pancake <>
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