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builtin(1), !(1), %(1), .(1), :(1), @(1), [(1), {(1), }(1), alias(1), alloc(1), bg(1), bind(1), bindkey(1), break(1), breaksw(1), builtins(1), case(1), cd(1), chdir(1), command(1), complete(1), continue(1), default(1), dirs(1), do(1), done(1), echo(1), echotc(1), elif(1), else(1), end(1), endif(1), endsw(1), esac(1), eval(1), exec(1), exit(1), export(1), false(1), fc(1), fg(1), filetest(1), fi(1), for(1), foreach(1), getopts(1), glob(1), goto(1), hash(1), hashstat(1), history(1), hup(1), if(1), jobid(1), jobs(1), kill(1), limit(1), local(1), log(1), login(1), logout(1), ls-F(1), nice(1), nohup(1), notify(1), onintr(1), popd(1), printenv(1), printf(1), pushd(1), pwd(1), read(1), readonly(1), rehash(1), repeat(1), return(1), sched(1), set(1), setenv(1), settc(1), setty(1), setvar(1), shift(1), source(1), stop(1), suspend(1), switch(1), telltc(1), test(1), then(1), time(1), times(1), trap(1), true(1), type(1), ulimit(1), umask(1), unalias(1), uncomplete(1), unhash(1), unlimit(1), unset(1), unsetenv(1), until(1), wait(1), where(1), which(1), while(1)
shell built-in commands
feclearexcept(3), fegetexceptflag(3), feraiseexcept(3), fesetexceptflag(3), fetestexcept(3), fegetround(3), fesetround(3), fegetenv(3), feholdexcept(3), fesetenv(3), feupdateenv(3), feenableexcept(3), fedisableexcept(3), fegetexcept(3)
floating-point environment control
fegetenv(3), feholdexcept(3), fesetenv(3), feupdateenv(3)
floating-point environment save and restore
getenv(3), putenv(3), setenv(3), unsetenv(3)
environment variable functions
openpam_borrow_cred(3), openpam_free_data(3), openpam_free_envlist(3), openpam_get_option(3), openpam_log(3), openpam_nullconv(3), openpam_readline(3), openpam_restore_cred(3), openpam_set_option(3), openpam_ttyconv(3), pam_error(3), pam_get_authtok(3), pam_info(3), pam_prompt(3), pam_setenv(3), pam_verror(3), pam_vinfo(3), pam_vprompt(3)
Pluggable Authentication Modules Library
mirrors setenv(3)
ecalloc(3), emalloc(3), eread(3), erealloc(3), esetenv(3), estrdup(3), ewrite(3)
exit-on-failure wrapper functions
explain setenv(3) errors require_index { "explain_setenv(3)" "explain setenv(3) errors" }
change or add an environment variable and report errors require_index { "explain_setenv_or_die(3)"
explain unsetenv(3) errors require_index { "explain_unsetenv(3)" "explain unsetenv(3) errors" }
remove an environment variable and report errors require_index { "explain_unsetenv_or_die(3)"
libproc(3), proc.os.getenv(3), proc.os.setenv(3), proc.os.setenv.array(3),, proc.setenv(3), proc.wrapper(3),, proc.altable.wrapper(3)
KRoC process library
convenience macro for libssh2_channel_setenv_ex(3) calls
set an environment variable on the channel
Allows you to set up the environment from Catalyst's config file
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