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rxvt(1), rxvt (ouR XVT)(1)
a VT102 emulator for the X window system
urxvt(1), rxvt-unicode (ouR XVT(1), unicode)(1)
(a VT102 emulator for the X window system)
urxvt(7), RXVT REFERENCE(7)
FAQ, command sequences and other background information
control the urxvtd daemon
start a urxvtc and/or urxvtd
urxvt terminal daemon
rxvt-unicode's embedded perl interpreter
the DBI of event loop programming EV, Event, Glib, Tk, Perl, Event::Lib, Irssi, rxvt-unicode, IO::Async, Qt, FLTK and POE are various supported event loops/environments
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