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Prefixed representation for boolean functions man1/alc_origin.1
optimise a list of route prefixes to help make nice short filters
optimise a concatenated set of cisco/IOS prefix filters to help make them nice and short
Allegro 5 API
Allegro 5 API
IPv6 prefix generator
libowfat_case_starts(3), case_starts(3)
compare prefixes of strings case-insensitively
libowfat_str_start(3), str_start(3)
compare prefixes of strings
libowfat_stralloc_diffs(3), stralloc_diffs(3)
check if string is prefix of stralloc
libowfat_stralloc_starts(3), stralloc_starts(3)
check if string is prefix of stralloc
prefix zip delta word list compressor/decompressor
runs GUI utility for Wine applications and prefixes management
console utility for wine applications and prefixes management
rahash2(1), hasher2(1)
block based hashing utility Apr 2, 2013 SYNOPSIS hasher2 Fl hBrkv Fl a Ar algorithm Fl b Ar size Fl s Ar string Fl i Ar iterations Fl S Ar seed Fl f Ar from Fl t Ar to [file] ... DESCRIPTION This program is part of the radare project. Hasher allows you to calculate, check and show the hash values of each block of a target file. The block size is 32768 bytes by default. It's allowed to hash from stdin using '-' as a target file. You can hash big files by hashing each block and later determine what part of it has been modified. Useful for filesystem analysis. This command can be used to calculate hashes of a certain part of a file or a command line passed string. This is the command used by the '#' command of radare. -tag -width Fl Fl a Ar algo Select an algorithm for the hashing. Valid values are md5, crc32 and sha1 Fl b Ar blocksize Define the block size Fl i Ar iters Apply the hash Iters times to itself+seed Fl B Show per-block hash Fl k Show result using OpenSSH's VisualHostKey randomart algorithm Fl s Ar string Hash this string instead of using the 'source' and 'hash-file' arguments. Fl S Ar [^]s:string|hexstr Set seed to hash with, use ^to prefix seed, otherwise its suffixed. Fl f Ar from Start hashing at given address Fl t Ar to Stop hashing at given address Fl r Show output in radare commands Fl v Show version information Fl h Show usage help message. SEE ALSO radare2(1) , rafind2(1) , rahash2(1) , rabin2(1) , radiff2(1) , rasm2(1) , ragg2(1) , rarun2(1) , rax2(1) , AUTHORS pancake <>, nibble <>
rssh.conf(5), ${prefix}/etc/rssh.conf(5)
configuration file for rssh
rtbl_create(3), rtbl_destroy(3), rtbl_set_flags(3), rtbl_get_flags(3), rtbl_set_prefix(3), rtbl_set_separator(3), rtbl_set_column_prefix(3), rtbl_set_column_affix_by_id(3), rtbl_add_column(3), rtbl_add_column_by_id(3), rtbl_add_column_entry(3), rtbl_add_column_entry_by_id(3), rtbl_new_row(3), rtbl_format(3)
format data in simple tables
Create a country code prefix map from a GeoIP data file
Create a binary prefix map from a text file
Print each range and label present in a prefix map file
Map keys to prefix map entries
sc_PrefixKeyVal(3), sc::PrefixKeyVal(3)
PrefixKeyVal is a KeyVal that searches a different KeyVal using modified keys
insert prefix of a string at the beginning of another string
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