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the Document Object Model (DOM) DOM_NamedNodeMap interface
Fetches a named color literal from a UID file "MrmFetchColorLiteral" "uil functions" "MrmFetchColorLiteral" "uid file"
Fetches and creates an indexed (UIL named) application widget and its children "MrmFetchWidget" "uil functions" "MrmFetchWidget"
Fetches any indexed (UIL named) application widget. It overrides the arguments specified for this application widget in UIL "MrmFetchWidgetOverride" "uil functions" "MrmFetchWidgetOverride"
Defining a named symbol
node that reads children from a named file
Dumps the contents of a named UIL symbol table to standard output "UilDumpSymbolTable" "uil functions" "UilDumpSymbolTable"
widget from X tookit
XAllocColor(3), XAllocNamedColor(3), XAllocColorCells(3), XAllocColorPlanes(3), XFreeColors(3)
allocate and free colors
XStoreColors(3), XStoreColor(3), XStoreNamedColor(3)
set colors
XcmsAllocColor(3), XcmsAllocNamedColor(3)
allocate colors
Build a new keyboard description from a set of named components, and to optionally have the server use the resulting description to replace an active one
Loads a keyboard geometry description from this database by name
Look up the indicator map and other information for an indicator by name
Names an indicator if it is not already named; toggles the state of the indicator; sets the indicator to a specified state and sets the indicator map for the indicator
Create symbolic links to files named by the hash values
write log messages to log files named according to a template
cancels any active query on the named connection
gets last error message on the named connection
returns the names of all open named dblink connections
check /etc/named.boot file "dns-boot-check(1)" "check /etc/named.boot file"
check /etc/named.conf file "dns-conf-check(1)" "check /etc/named.conf file"
read a message from stdin and deliver to a named maildir
read a message from stdin and deliver to a named mboxrd-format mbox file with fcntl-style locking
Create an archive of files from a named tree
glBindTexture(3), "glBindTexture(3)
bind a named texture to a texturing target
glDeleteTextures(3), "glDeleteTextures(3)
delete named textures
gmkfifo(1), mkfifo(1)
make FIFOs (named pipes)
API function
API function
hdf_get_child(3), hdf_get_child (3)
return the first child of the named node
hdf_get_obj(3), hdf_get_obj (3)
return the HDF data set node at a named location
hdf_set_int_value(3), hdf_set_int_value (3)
Set the value of a named node to a number
hdf_set_value(3), hdf_set_value (3)
Set the value of a named node
hdf_set_valuef(3), hdf_set_valuef (3)
Set the value of a named node
codeset converter for named.conf and zone master files
Internet domain name server
named configuration file syntax checking tool
named-checkzone(8), named-compilezone(8)
zone file validity checking or converting tool
print zone journal in human-readable form
A syntax checker for individual DNS resource records
configuration file for named
get the object that the named font is stored in
pcre16_copy_named_substring(3), PCRE(3)
Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre16_get_named_substring(3), PCRE(3)
Perl-compatible regular expressions
read several streams of frames and write pfs streams to named pipes
Returns the number of members presently in the named group
Enrolls the calling process in a named group
Unenrolls the calling process from a named group
registrar has been renamed to rspregistrar in rsplib-3.0.0!
server has been renamed to rspserver in rsplib-3.0.0!
smi_attribute(3), smiGetAttribute(3), smiGetFirstAttribute(3), smiGetNextAttribute(3), smiGetAttributeParentClass(3), smiGetAttributeParentType(3), smiGetFirstUniqueAttribute(3), smiGetNextUniqueAttribute(3), smiGetEvent(3), smiGetFirstEvent(3), smiGetNextEvent(3), smiGetAttributeFirstRange(3), smiGetAttributeNextRange(3), smiGetAttributeFirstNamedNumber(3), smiGetAttributeNextNamedNumber(3)
SMI Attribute information routines
smi_type(3), smiGetType(3), smiGetFirstType(3), smiGetNextType(3), smiGetParentType(3), smiGetTypeLine(3), smiGetFirstRange(3), smiGetNextRange(3), smiGetFirstNamedNumber(3), smiGetNextNamedNumber(3), smiGetTypeModule(3)
SMI type information routines
terminal has been renamed to rspterminal in rsplib-3.0.0!
Shell wrapper to simplify the use of the torsocks(8) library to transparently allow an application to use a SOCKS proxy. Basically a renamed, patched tsocks
Logs real-time accounting daemon SYNOPSIS tstatd [ options ] plugin [zone1:]wildcard1 .. [zoneN:]wildcardN OPTIONS "-a zone, --agregate-zone=zone" 4 Item "-a zone, --agregate-zone=zone" Agregate data from all anonymous logs (wildcards without explicit zone specified) into zone. Default behavior is to create new zone for each anonymous log from its file name. "-b file, --database-file=file" 4 Item "-b file, --database-file=file" Use file as persistent storage to keep accumulated data across daemon restarts. Default is auto generated from daemon name, specified identity and '.db' suffix. "--basename" 4 Item "--basename" Use only base name (excluding directories and suffix) of anonymous log file for auto-created zones. "-c dir, --change-dir=dir" 4 Item "-c dir, --change-dir=dir" Change current directory to dir before wildcards expanding. "-d, --debug" 4 Item "-d, --debug" Composition of options: --foreground and --log-level=debug. "-f, --foreground" 4 Item "-f, --foreground" Don't detach daemon from control terminal, logging to stderr instead log file or syslog. "--log-facility=name" 4 Item "--log-facility=name" Use name as facility for syslog logging (see syslog (3) for list of available values). Default is 'daemon'. "--log-level=level" 4 Item "--log-level=level" Set minimal logging level to level (see syslog (3) for list of available values). Default is 'notice'. "--log-file=file" 4 Item "--log-file=file" Use logging to file instead of syslog logging (which is default). "-e num, --expand-period=num" 4 Item "-e num, --expand-period=num" Do wildcards re-expanding and checking for new and missed logs every num seconds. Default is '60'. "-h, --help" 4 Item "-h, --help" Print brief help message about available options. "-i string, --identity=string" 4 Item "-i string, --identity=string" Just a string used in title of daemon process, syslog ident (see syslog|(3)), --database-file and --pid-file. Idea behind this options - multiple tstatd instances running simultaneosly. "-l [address:]port, --listen=[address:]port" 4 Item "-l [address:]port, --listen=[address:]port" Specify address and port for TCP listen socket binding. Default is ''. "--multiple" 4 Item "--multiple" With this option specified same log file could be included into several zones (if log name satisifies several wildcards). Default behavior is to include log file only in first satisified zone. "-n num, --windows-num=num" 4 Item "-n num, --windows-num=num" Set number of sliding-windows to num. Default is '60'. "-o string, --options=string" 4 Item "-o string, --options=string" Comma-separated plugin supported options (like a mount (8) options). "--override-from=file" 4 Item "--override-from=file" Load content of file into plugin package namespace. This is way to easy customize plugin behavior without creating another plugin. "-p file, --pid-file=file" 4 Item "-p file, --pid-file=file" Use file to keep daemon process id. Default is auto generated from daemon name, specified identity and '.pid' suffix. "--parse-error=level" 4 Item "--parse-error=level" Do logging with level (see syslog (3) for available values) about all unparsed log lines. Hint: use 'none' for ignoring such lines. Default is defining by plugin and usually is 'debug'. "-r pattern, --regex=pattern" 4 Item "-r pattern, --regex=pattern" Use pattern instead of plugin default regular expression for matching log lines. "--regex-from=file" 4 Item "--regex-from=file" Load regular expression from file and use instead of plugin default regular expression for matching log lines. "-s num, --store-period=num" 4 Item "-s num, --store-period=num" Store accumulated data in a persistent storage every num seconds. Default is '60'. "--timer=zone:timer:num" 4 Item "--timer=zone:timer:num" Create named timer firing every num seconds for zone. "-u <user>, --user=user" 4 Item "-u <user>, --user=user" Change effective privileges of daemon process to user. "-v, --version" 4 Item "-v, --version" Print version information of tstatd and exit. "-w num, --window-size=<num>" 4 Item "-w num, --window-size=<num>" Set size (duration) of sliding window to num seconds. Default is '10'
window interface tool: pop or iconify this xterm window or named windows
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