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libdisk(3), Open_Disk(3), Free_Disk(3), Debug_Disk(3), Set_Bios_Geom(3), Delete_Chunk(3), Collapse_Disk(3), Collapse_Chunk(3), Create_Chunk(3), All_FreeBSD(3), CheckRules(3), Disk_Names(3), Set_Boot_Mgr(3), Set_Boot_Blocks(3), Write_Disk(3), Cyl_Aligned(3), Next_Cyl_Aligned(3), Prev_Cyl_Aligned(3), Track_Aligned(3), Next_Track_Aligned(3), Prev_Track_Aligned(3), Create_Chunk_DWIM(3), MakeDev(3), MakeDevDisk(3), ShowChunkFlags(3), chunk_name(3), slice_type_name(3)
library interface to slice and partition labels
makedev(3), major(3), minor(3)
device number conversion
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